1 G1895 Since G4183 many G2021 have undertaken G392 to set in order G1335 a narrative G4012 concerning G4229 those matters G4135 which have been fulfilled G1722 among G2254 us,
  2 G2531 even as G3588 those who G575 from G746 the beginning G1096 were G845 eyewitnesses G2532 and G5257 servants G3056 of the word G3860 delivered G2254 them to us,
  3 G1380 it seemed good G2504 to me also, G3877 having traced G3877 the course G3956 of all things G199 accurately G509 from the first, G1125 to write G4671 to you G2517 in order, G2903 most excellent G2321 Theophilus;
  4 G2443 that G1921 you might know G803 the certainty G4012 concerning G3056 the things G3739 in which G2727 you were instructed.
  5 G1096 There was G1722 in G2250 the days G2264 of Herod, G935 the king G2449 of Judea, G5100 a certain G2409 priest G3686 named G2197 Zacharias, G1537 of G2183 the priestly division G1537 of G7 Abijah. G1135 He had a wife G1537 of G2364 the daughters G1537 of G2 Aaron, G2532 and G846 her G3686 name G1665 was Elizabeth.
  6 G1161 They G2258 were G297 both G1342 righteous G1799 before G2316 God, G4198 walking G273 blamelessly G1722 in G3956 all G1785 the commandments G2532 and G1345 ordinances G2962 of the Lord.
  7 G2532 But G846 they G2258 had G3756 no G5043 child, G2530 because G1665 Elizabeth G2258 was G4723 barren, G2532 and G846 they G297 both G2258 were G4260 well advanced G1722 in G2250 years.
  8 G1161 Now G1096 it happened, G1722 while G846 he G2407 executed the priest's office G1725 before G2316 God G1722 in G5010 the order G846 of his G2183 division,
  9 G2596 according to G1485 the custom G2405 of the priest's office, G2975 his lot was G1525 to enter G1519 into G3485 the temple G2962 of the Lord G2370 and burn incense.
  10 G2532 The G3956 whole G4128 multitude G2992 of the people G2258 were G4336 praying G1854 outside G5610 at the hour G2368 of incense.
  11 G32 An angel G2962 of the Lord G3700 appeared G846 to him, G2476 standing G1537 on G1188 the right side G2379 of the altar G2368 of incense.
  12 G2197 Zacharias G5015 was troubled G1492 when G1492 he saw G2532 him, and G5401 fear G1968 fell G1909 upon G846 him.
  13 G1161 But G32 the angel G2036 said G4314 to G846 him, G3361 "Don't G5399 be afraid, G2197 Zacharias, G1360 because G4675 your G1162 request G1522 has been heard, G2532 and G4675 your G1135 wife, G1665 Elizabeth, G1080 will bear G4671 you G5207 a son, G2532 and G2564 you shall call G846 his G3686 name G2491 John.
  14 G4671 You G2071 will have G5479 joy G2532 and G20 gladness; G2532 and G4183 many G5463 will rejoice G1909 at G846 his G1083 birth.
  15 G1063 For G2071 he will be G3173 great G1799 in the sight of G2962 the Lord, G2532 and G4095 he will drink G3756 no G3631 wine G2532 nor G4608 strong drink. G2532 He G4130 will be filled G4151 with G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit, G2089 even G1537 from G846 his G3384 mother's G3361 womb.
  16 G2532 He G1994 will turn G4183 many G5207 of the children G2474 of Israel G1909 to G2962 the Lord, G846 their G2316 God.
  17 G846 He G4281 will go G1799 before G846 him G1722 in G4151 the spirit G2532 and G1411 power G2243 of Elijah, G1994 ‘to turn G2588 the hearts G3962 of the fathers G1909 to G5043 the children,' G2532 and G545 the disobedient G1722 to G5428 the wisdom G1342 of the just; G2680 to prepare G2992 a people G2090 prepared G2962 for the Lord."
  18 G2197 Zacharias G2036 said G4314 to G32 the angel, G2596 "How G1097 can I be sure G5124 of this? G1063 For G1473 I G1510 am G4246 an old man, G2532 and G3450 my G1135 wife G4260 is well advanced G1722 in G2250 years."
  19 G2532 The G32 angel G2036 answered G846 him, G1473 "I G1510 am G1043 Gabriel, G3588 who G3936 stands G1799 in the presence G2316 of God. G2532 I G649 was sent G2980 to speak G4314 to G4571 you, G2532 and G2097 to bring G4671 you G5023 this G2097 good news.
  20 G2400 Behold, G2071 you will be G4623 silent G2532 and G3361 not G1410 able G2980 to speak, G891 until G2250 the day G3739 that G5023 these things G1096 will happen, G473 because G3756 you didn't G4100 believe G3450 my G3056 words, G3748 which G4137 will be fulfilled G1519 in G846 their G3739 proper time."
  21 G2532 The G2992 people G4328 were waiting G2197 for Zacharias, G2532 and G2296 they marveled G1722 that G846 he G5549 delayed G1722 in G3485 the temple.
  22 G1161 When G1831 he came out, G1410 he could G3756 not G2980 speak G846 to them, G2532 and G1921 they perceived G3754 that G3708 he had seen G3701 a vision G1722 in G3485 the temple. G846 He G1269 continued making signs G846 to them, G2532 and G1265 remained G2258 mute.
  23 G2532 It G1096 happened, G5613 when G2250 the days G3009 of G846 his G3009 service G4130 were fulfilled, G565 he departed G1519 to G846 his G3624 house.
  24 G3326 After G3778 these G2250 days G1665 Elizabeth, G846 his G1135 wife, G4815 conceived, G2532 and G4032 she hid G1438 herself G4002 five G3376 months, G3004 saying,
  25 G3779 "Thus G4160 has G2962 the Lord G4160 done G3427 to me G1722 in G2250 the days G3739 in G1896 which he looked at G851 me, to take away G3450 my G3681 reproach G1722 among G444 men."
  26 G1161 Now G1722 in G1623 the sixth G3376 month, G32 the angel G1043 Gabriel G649 was sent G5259 from G2316 God G1519 to G4172 a city G1056 of Galilee, G3686 named G3478 Nazareth,
  27 G4314 to G3933 a virgin G3423 pledged G435 to be married to a man G3739 whose G3686 name was G2501 Joseph, G1537 of G3624 the house G1537 of G1138 David. G3933 The virgin's G3686 name G3137 was Mary.
  28 G2532 Having G1525 come in, G32 the angel G2036 said G4314 to G846 her, G5463 "Rejoice, G5487 you highly favored G2962 one! The Lord G3326 is with G4675 you. G2127 Blessed G4771 are you G1722 among G1135 women!"
  29 G1161 But G1492 when she saw G1298 him, she was greatly troubled G1909 at G846 the G3056 saying, G2532 and G1260 considered G4217 what kind of G783 salutation G3778 this G1498 might be.
  30 G2532 The G32 angel G2036 said G846 to her, G3361 "Don't G5399 be afraid, G3137 Mary, G1063 for G2147 you have found G5485 favor G3844 with G2316 God.
  31 G2400 Behold, G4815 you will conceive G1722 in G1064 your womb, G2532 and G5088 bring forth G5207 a son, G2532 and G2564 will call G846 his G3686 name G2424 ‘Jesus.'
  32 G3778 He G2071 will be G3173 great, G2532 and G2564 will be called G5207 the Son G5310 of the Most High. G2532 The G2962 Lord G2316 God G1325 will give G846 him G2362 the throne G3962 of G846 his G3962 father, G1138 David,
  33 G2532 and G936 he will reign G1909 over G3624 the house G2384 of Jacob G1519   G165 forever. G2532 There G2071 will be G3756 no G5056 end G932 to G846 his G932 Kingdom."
  34 G3137 Mary G2036 said G4314 to G32 the angel, G4459 "How G2071 can G5124 this G2071 be, G1893 seeing G1097 I am G3756 a G435 virgin?"
  35 G2532 The G32 angel G611 answered G846 her, G40 "The Holy G4151 Spirit G1904 will come G1909 on G4571 you, G2532 and G1411 the power G5310 of the Most High G1982 will overshadow G4671 you. G1352 Therefore G2532 also G40 the holy one G1080 who is born from you G2564 will be called G5207 the Son G2316 of God.
  36 G2400 Behold, G1665 Elizabeth, G4675 your G4773 relative, G2532 also G4815 has G4815 conceived G5207 a son G1722 in G846 her G1094 old age; G2532 and G3778 this G2076 is G1623 the sixth G3376 month G846 with her G2564 who was called G4723 barren.
  37 G3754 For G3756 everything G3844 spoken by G2316 God G101 is possible."
  38 G3137 Mary G2036 said, G2400 "Behold, G1399 the handmaid G2962 of the Lord; G1096 be it G2596 to G3427 me G2596 according to G4675 your G4487 word." G32 The angel G565 departed G575 from G846 her.
  39 G3137 Mary G450 arose G1722 in G3778 those G2250 days G1161 and G4198 went G1519 into G3714 the hill country G3326 with G4710 haste, G1519 into G4172 a city G2448 of Judah,
  40 G2532 and G1525 entered G1519 into G3624 the house G2197 of Zacharias G2532 and G782 greeted G1665 Elizabeth.
  41 G2532 It G1096 happened, G5613 when G1665 Elizabeth G191 heard G3137 Mary's G783 greeting, G1025 that the baby G4640 leaped G1722 in G846 her G2836 womb, G2532 and G1665 Elizabeth G4130 was filled G4151 with the G40 Holy G40 Spirit.
  42 G2532 She G400 called out G5456 with a G3173 loud G5456 voice, G2532 and G2036 said, G2127 "Blessed G4771 are you G1722 among G1135 women, G2532 and G2127 blessed G2590 is the fruit G2836 of G4675 your G2836 womb!
  43 G4159 Why G5124 am I so favored, G2443 that G3384 the mother G2962 of G3450 my G2962 Lord G2064 should come G4314 to G3165 me?
  44 G1063 For G2400 behold, G5613 when G5456 the voice G783 of G4675 your G783 greeting G1096 came G1519 into G3450 my G3775 ears, G1025 the baby G4640 leaped G1519 in G3450 my G2836 womb G1722 for G20 joy!
  45 G3107 Blessed G4100 is she who believed, G3754 for G2071 there will be G5050 a fulfillment G2980 of the things which have been spoken G846 to her G3844 from G2962 the Lord!"
  46 G3137 Mary G2036 said, G3450 "My G5590 soul G3170 magnifies G2962 the Lord.
  47 G3450 My G4151 spirit G21 has rejoiced G1909 in G2316 God G3450 my G4990 Savior,
  48 G3754 for G1914 he has looked G5014 at the humble state G1399 of G846 his G1399 handmaid. G1063 For G2400 behold, G575 from G3568 now G3956 on, all G1074 generations G3106 will call G3165 me G3106 blessed.
  49 G3754 For G1415 he who is mighty G4160 has done G3167 great things G3427 for me. G2532   G40 Holy G846 is his G3686 name.
  50 G846 His G1656 mercy G1519 is for G1074 generations G1074 of generations G5399 on those who fear G846 him.
  51 G4160 He has shown G2904 strength G1722 with G846 his G1023 arm. G1287 He has scattered G5244 the proud G1271 in the imagination G2588 of G846 their G2588 hearts.
  52 G2507 He has put down G1413 princes G575 from G2362 their thrones. G2532 And G5312 has exalted G5011 the lowly.
  53 G1705 He has filled G3983 the hungry G18 with good things. G2532   G1821 He has sent G4147 the rich G1821 away G2756 empty.
  54 G482 He has given help G2474 to Israel, G846 his G3816 servant, G1656 that G3415 he might remember G1656 mercy,
  55 G2531 As G2980 he spoke G4314 to G2257 our G3962 fathers, G11 to Abraham G2532 and G4690   G846 his G4690 seed G1519   G165 forever."
  56 G3137 Mary G3306 stayed G4862 with G846 her G5616 about G5140 three G3376 months, G2532 and G5290 then returned G1519 to G846 her G3624 house.
  57 G1161 Now G5550 the time G4130 that G1665 Elizabeth G5088 should give birth G4130 was fulfilled, G2532 and G846 she G1080 brought forth G5207 a son.
  58 G846 Her G4040 neighbors G2532 and G846 her G4773 relatives G191 heard G3754 that G2962 the Lord G3170 had magnified G1656 his mercy G3326 towards G846 her, G2532 and G4796 they rejoiced G846 with her.
  59 G2532 It G1722 happened on G3590 the eighth G2250 day, G1096 that G2064 they came G4059 to circumcise G3813 the child; G2532 and G2564 they would have called G846 him G2197 Zacharias, G1909 after G3686 the name G3962 of G846 the G3962 father.
  60 G846 His G3384 mother G611 answered, G3780 "Not G235 so; but G2564 he will be called G2491 John."
  61 G2532 They G2036 said G4314 to G846 her, G2076 "There is G3762 no G1722 one among G4675 your G4772 relatives G3739 who G2564 is called G3686 by G5129 this G3754 name."
  62 G1161 They G1770 made signs G3962 to G846 his G3962 father, G5101 what G2309 he would have G846 him G2564 called.
  63 G2532 He G154 asked G4093 for a writing tablet, G1125 and wrote, G846 "His G3686 name G2076 is G2491 John." G2532 They G3956 all G2296 marveled.
  64 G846 His G4750 mouth G455 was opened G3916 immediately, G1161 and G846 his G1100 tongue G2532 freed, and G2980 he spoke, G2127 blessing G2316 God.
  65 G5401 Fear G1096 came G1909 on G3956 all G4039 who lived around G846 them, G2532 and G3956 all G5023 these G4487 sayings G4039 were talked about G1722 throughout G3650 all G3714 the hill country G2449 of Judea.
  66 G3956 All G191 who heard G5087 them laid G5087 them up G1722 in G846 their G2588 heart, G3004 saying, G5101 "What G687 then G2071 will G5124 this G3813 child G2071 be?" G2532 The G5495 hand G2962 of the Lord G2258 was G3326 with G846 him.
  67 G846 His G3962 father, G2197 Zacharias, G4130 was filled G4151 with the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit, G2532 and G4395 prophesied, G3004 saying,
  68 G2128 "Blessed G2962 be the Lord, G2316 the God G2474 of Israel, G3754 for G1980 he has visited G2532 and G3085 worked redemption G846 for his G2992 people;
  69 G2532 and G1453 has raised up G2768 a horn G4991 of salvation G2254 for us G1722 in G3624 the house G3816 of G846 his G3816 servant G1138 David
  70 G2531 (as G2980 he spoke G1223 by G4750 the mouth G4396 of G846 his G40 holy G4396 prophets G3588 who G575 have been from G165 of old),
  71 G4991 salvation G1537 from G2257 our G2190 enemies, G2532 and G1537 from G5495 the hand G3956 of all G3404 who hate G2248 us;
  72 G4160 to show G1656 mercy G3326 towards G2257 our G3962 fathers, G2532   G3415 to remember G846 his G40 holy G1242 covenant,
  73 G3727 the oath G3739 which G3660 he spoke G4314 to G11 Abraham, G2257 our G3962 father,
  74 G1325 to grant G2254 to us G4506 that we, being delivered G1537 out of G5495 the hand G2190 of G2257 our G2190 enemies, G3000 should serve G846 him G870 without fear,
  75 G1722 In G3742 holiness G2532 and G1343 righteousness G1799 before G846 him G3956 all G2250 the days G2222 of G2257 our G2222 life.
  76 G2532 And G4771 you, G3813 child, G2564 will be called G4396 a prophet G5310 of the Most High, G1063 for G4313 you will go G4253 before G4383 the face G2962 of the Lord G2090 to prepare G846 his G3598 ways,
  77 G1325 to give G1108 knowledge G4991 of salvation G2992 to G846 his G2992 people G1722 by G859 the remission G266 of G846 their G266 sins,
  78 G1223 because G2316 of G1656 the G4698 tender G1656 mercy G2316 of G2257 our G2316 God, G1722 whereby G395 the dawn G1537 from G5311 on high G2248 will visit us,
  79 G2014 to shine G3588 on those G2521 who sit G1722 in G4655 darkness G2532 and G4639 the shadow G2288 of death; G2720 to guide G2257 our G4228 feet G1519 into G3598 the way G1515 of peace."
  80 G1161 The G3813 child G837 was growing, G2532 and G2901 becoming strong G4151 in spirit, G2532 and G2258 was G1722 in G2048 the desert G2193 until G2250 the day G323 of G846 his G323 public appearance G4314 to G2474 Israel.