G1271 διάνοια - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a thought, intention, purpose
understanding, intellect, mind
understanding, intellect, mind, insight.
deep thought, properly, the faculty (mind or its disposition), by implication, its exercise
Derivation: from G1223 and G3563;

KJV Usage: imagination, mind, understanding.

G1223 G3563
1) the mind as a faculty of understanding, feeling, desiring
2) understanding
3) mind, i.e. spirit, way of thinking and feeling
4) thoughts, either good or bad

13 occurrences of G1271 διάνοια

Matthew 22:37
Mark 12:30
Luke 1:51
Luke 10:27
Ephesians 1:18
Ephesians 2:3
Ephesians 4:18
Colossians 1:21
Hebrews 8:10
Hebrews 10:16
1 Peter 1:13
2 Peter 3:1
1 John 5:20

Corresponding Hebrew Words

dianoia H999 binah
dianoia H1544 gillulim
dianoia H3820 lev
dianoia H3824 levav
dianoia H4284 machashavah
dianoia H7130 qerev