G5368 φιλέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to love, regard with affection
I love, kiss
I love (of friendship), regard with affection, cherish; I kiss.
to be a friend to (fond of (an individual or an object)), i.e. have affection for (denoting personal attachment, as a matter of sentiment or feeling; while G25 is wider, embracing especially the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty and propriety: the two thus stand related very much as G2309 and G1014, or as G2372 and G3563 respectively; the former being chiefly of the heart and the latter of the head); specially, to kiss (as a mark of tenderness)
Derivation: from G5384;

KJV Usage: kiss, love.

G5384 G2372 G25 G2309 G1014 G3563
1) to love
1a) to approve of
1b) to like
1c) sanction
1d) to treat affectionately or kindly, to welcome, befriend
2) to show signs of love
2a) to kiss
3) to be fond of doing
3a) be wont, use to do

21 occurrences of G5368 φιλέω

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

phileo H157 ahev qal.,pi.
phileo H5401 nashaq qal.,pi.
phileo H7453 rea