G2992 λαός - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
the people
a people, the crowd
(a) a people, characteristically of God's chosen people, first the Jews, then the Christians, (b) sometimes, but rarely, the people, the crowd.
a people (in general; thus differing from G1218, which denotes one's own populace)
Derivation: apparently a primary word;

KJV Usage: people.

1) a people, people group, tribe, nation, all those who are of the same stock and language
2) of a great part of the population gathered together anywhere
For Synonyms see entry G5832

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

laos H120 adam
laos H524 ummah
laos H582 enosh
laos H1004 bayit
laos H1121 ben
laos H1471 goi
laos H1995 hamon
laos * H2213 zar
laos H2945 taph
laos H3816 leom
laos H4264 machaneh
laos H4725 maqom
laos H4940 mishpachah
laos H5650 eved
laos H5971 am
laos H6629 tson
laos H6951 qahal