G5257 ὑπηρέτης - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
an under-rower, under-seaman
a servant, an attendant
a servant, an attendant, (a) an officer, lictor, (b) an attendant in a synagogue, (c) a minister of the gospel.
an under-oarsman, i.e. (generally) subordinate (assistant, sexton, constable)
Derivation: from G5259 and a derivative of ἐρέσσω (to row);

KJV Usage: minister, officer, servant.

1) servant
1a) an underrower, subordinate rower
1b) any one who serves with hands: a servant
1b1) in the NT of the officers and attendants of magistrates as -- of the officer who executes penalties
1b2) of the attendants of a king, servants, retinue, the soldiers of a king, of the attendant of a synagogue
1b3) of any one ministering or rendering service
1c) any one who aids another in any work
1c1) an assistant
1c2) of the preacher of the gospel
For Synonyms see entry G5834

20 occurrences of G5257 ὑπηρέτης

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

huperetes H3596 kilai
huperetes H5650 eved