G1411 δύναμις - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
power, might, strength
might, power, marvelous works
(a) physical power, force, might, ability, efficacy, energy, meaning (b) plur: powerful deeds, deeds showing (physical) power, marvelous works.
force (literally or figuratively); specially, miraculous power (usually by implication, a miracle itself)
Derivation: from G1410;

KJV Usage: ability, abundance, meaning, might(-ily, -y, -y deed), (worker of) miracle(-s), power, strength, violence, mighty (wonderful) work.

1) strength power, ability
1a) inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature, or which a person or thing exerts and puts forth
1b) power for performing miracles
1c) moral power and excellence of soul
1d) the power and influence which belong to riches and wealth
1e) power and resources arising from numbers
1f) power consisting in or resting upon armies, forces, hosts
For Synonyms see entry G5820

From G1410; force (literally or figuratively); specifically miraculous power (usually by implication a miracle itself)

KJV Usage: ability, abundance, meaning, might (-ily, -y, -y deed), (worker of) miracle (-s), power, strength, violence, mighty (wonderful) work.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

dunamis H202 on
dunamis H410 el
dunamis H582 anashim
dunamis H1004 bet avot
dunamis H1363 govah
dunamis H1368 gibbor
dunamis H1369 gevurah
dunamis H1952 hon
dunamis H1995 hamon
dunamis H2392 chozeq
dunamis H2428 chayil
dunamis H2428 chayil (chel)
dunamis H2502 chalats
dunamis H3027 yad
dunamis H3519 kavod
dunamis H3581 koach
dunamis H3966 meod
dunamis H4264 machaneh
dunamis * H4421 malchamah
dunamis * H4979 mattanah
dunamis H5650 eved
dunamis H5797 oz
dunamis H5971 am
dunamis H6310 peh
dunamis H6381 pala ni.
dunamis H6635 tsava