H5797 עוז עז - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עוז עז
‛ôz ‛ôz
oze, oze
From H5810; strength in various applications (force, security, majesty, praise)

KJV Usage: boldness, loud, might, power, strength, strong.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עוז עז

1. might, strength
a. material or physical
b. personal or social or political
Origin: from H5810
TWOT: 1596b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 92 occurrences of H5797 עוז עז

Exodus 15:2 is my strength
Exodus 15:13 them in thy strength
Leviticus 26:19 of your power;
Judges 5:21 strength.
Judges 9:51 But there was a strong
1 Samuel 2:10 strength
2 Samuel 6:14 with all his might;
1 Chronicles 13:8 with all their might,
1 Chronicles 16:11 and his strength,
1 Chronicles 16:27 strength
1 Chronicles 16:28 and strength.
2 Chronicles 6:41 of thy strength:
2 Chronicles 30:21 singing with loud
Ezra 8:22 him; but his power
Job 12:16 With him is strength
Job 26:2 strength?
Job 37:6 of his strength.
Job 41:22 strength,
Psalms 8:2 strength
Psalms 21:1 in thy strength,
Psalms 21:13 in thy own strength:
Psalms 28:7 is my strength
Psalms 28:8 is their strength,
Psalms 29:1 and strength.
Psalms 29:11 strength
Psalms 30:7 strong:
Psalms 46:1 and strength,
Psalms 59:9 Because of his strength
Psalms 59:16 of thy power;
Psalms 59:17 To thee, O my strength,

Distinct usage

7 strength
3 is my strength
3 and strength.
3 thy strength
2 with strength,
2 the strength
2 of his power.
2 is his strong
2 thy strength,
2 of her strength
1 them in thy strength
1 of your power;
1 strength.
1 But there was a strong
1 with all his might;
1 with all their might,
1 and his strength,
1 of thy strength:
1 singing with loud
1 him; but his power
1 With him is strength
1 strength?
1 of his strength.
1 strength,
1 in thy strength,
1 in thy own strength:
1 is their strength,
1 strong:
1 and strength,
1 Because of his strength

Corresponding Greek Words

oz G42 agiosune
oz G136 ainos
oz G484 anti lepsis
oz G718 harmozo
oz G996 boetheia
oz G998 boethos
oz G1391 doxa
oz G1411 dunamis
oz G2479 ischus
oz G2904 kratos
oz G3794 ochuroma
oz G5092 time
oz G5308 hupselos