G1391 δόξα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a notion
honor, renown, glory splendor
honor, renown; glory, an especially divine quality, the unspoken manifestation of God, splendor.
glory (as very apparent), in a wide application (literal or figurative, objective or subjective)
Derivation: from the base of G1380;

KJV Usage: dignity, glory(-ious), honour, praise, worship.

1) opinion, judgment, view
2) opinion, estimate, whether good or bad concerning someone
2a) in the NT always a good opinion concerning one, resulting in praise, honour, and glory
3) splendour, brightness
3a) of the moon, sun, stars
3b) magnificence, excel

From the base of G1380; glory (as very apparent), in a wide application (literally or figuratively, objectively or subjectively)

KJV Usage: dignity, glory (-ious), honour, praise, worship.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

doxa H202 on
doxa H1320 basar
doxa H1347 gaon
doxa H1926 hadar
doxa H1935 hod
doxa H1952 hon
doxa H2073 zevul
doxa H2617 chesed
doxa H2898 tuv
doxa H3027 yad
doxa H3308 yephi
doxa H3366 yeqar
doxa H3513 kaved pi.
doxa H3519 kavod adj.
doxa H4758 mareh enayim
doxa H4853 massa
doxa H5251 nes
doxa H5797 oz
doxa H6286 paar hithpa.
doxa H6643 tsevi
doxa H6944 qodesh
doxa H7757 shul
doxa H8389 toar
doxa H8416 tehillah
doxa H8443 toaphot
doxa H8544 temunah
doxa H8597 tipheret