G3551 νόμος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
anything assigned, a usage, custom, law, ordinance
a law, the Mosaic Law
usage, custom, law; in NT: of law in general, plur: of divine laws; of a force or influence impelling to action; of the Mosaic law; meton: of the books which contain the law, the Pentateuch, the Old Testament scriptures in general.
law (through the idea of prescriptive usage), genitive case (regulation), specially, (of Moses (including the volume); also of the Gospel), or figuratively (a principle)
Derivation: from a primary νέμω (to parcel out, especially food or grazing to animals);

KJV Usage: law.

1) anything established, anything received by usage, a custom, a law, a command
1a) of any law whatsoever
1a1) a law or rule producing a state approved of God
1a1a) by the observance of which is approved of God
1a2) a precept or injunction
1a3) the rule of action prescribed by reason
1b) of the Mosaic law, and referring, acc. to the context. either to the volume of the law or to its contents
1c) the Christian religion: the law demanding faith, the moral instruction given by Christ, esp. the precept concerning love
1d) the name of the more important part (the Pentateuch), is put for the entire collection of the sacred books of the OT

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

nomos H1697 davar
nomos H1881 dat
nomos H2703 chuqqah
nomos H2706 choq
nomos H4687 mitsvah
nomos H4941 mishpat
nomos H6600 pitgam
nomos H8452 torah