G1320 διδάσκαλος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a teacher, master
a teacher
a teacher, master.
an instructor (genitive case or specially)
Derivation: from G1321;

KJV Usage: doctor, master, teacher.

1) a teacher
2) in the NT one who teaches concerning the things of God, and the duties of man
1a) one who is fitted to teach, or thinks himself so
1b) the teachers of the Jewish religion
1c) of those who by their great power as teachers draw crowds around them i.e. John the Baptist, Jesus
1d) by preeminence used of Jesus by himself, as one who showed men the way of salvation
1e) of the apostles, and of Paul
1f) of those who in the religious assemblies of the Christians, undertook the work of teaching, with the special assistance of the Holy Spirit
1g) of false teachers among Christians

From G1321; an instructor (generally or specifically)

KJV Usage: doctor, master, teacher.

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