G3614 οἰκία - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a building, house, dwelling
a house, household
a house, household, dwelling; meton: goods, property, means.
properly, residence (abstractly), but usually (concretely) an abode (literally or figuratively); by implication, a family (especially domestics)
Derivation: from G3624;

KJV Usage: home, house(-hold).

1) a house
1a) an inhabited edifice, a dwelling
1b) the inmates of a house, the family
1c) property, wealth, goods
For Synonyms see entry G5867

From G3624; properly residence (abstractly), but usually (concretely) an abode (literally or figuratively); by implication a family (especially domestics)

KJV Usage: home, house (-hold).

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First 30 of 85 occurrences of G3614 οἰκία

Matthew 2:11 the house,
Matthew 5:15 the house.
Matthew 7:24 house
Matthew 7:25 house;
Matthew 7:26 house
Matthew 7:27 house;
Matthew 8:6 home
Matthew 8:14 house,
Matthew 9:10 the house,
Matthew 9:23 house,
Matthew 9:28 the house,
Matthew 10:12 an house,
Matthew 10:13 the house
Matthew 10:14 house
Matthew 12:25 house
Matthew 12:29 house,
Matthew 12:29 house.
Matthew 13:1 the house,
Matthew 13:36 the house:
Matthew 13:57 house.
Matthew 17:25 the house,
Matthew 19:29 houses,
Matthew 23:14 houses,
Matthew 24:17 house:
Matthew 24:43 house
Matthew 26:6 the house
Mark 1:29 the house
Mark 2:15 house,
Mark 3:25 a house
Mark 3:25 house

Distinct usage

16 house
16 the house
13 house,
11 the house,
8 house.
6 houses,
4 an house,
3 house:
2 house;
2 an house
2 houses
1 the house.
1 home
1 the house:
1 a house
1 of the house
1 any house,
1 to the house,
1 of the house,
1 the house;
1 household.
1 from house to house;
1 your house,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

oikia H1004 bayit