G3816 παῖς - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a child
a boy or girl child
(a) a male child, boy, (b) a male slave, servant; thus: a servant of God, especially as a title of the Messiah, (c) a female child, girl.
a boy (as often beaten with impunity), or (by analogy), a girl, and (genitive case) a child; specially, a slave or servant (especially a minister to a king; and by eminence to God)
Derivation: perhaps from G3817;

KJV Usage: child, maid(-en), (man) servant, son, young man.

1) a child, boy or girl
1a) infants, children
2) servant, slave
2a) an attendant, servant, spec. a king's attendant, minister
For Synonyms see entry G5868

24 occurrences of G3816 παῖς

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

pais H376 ish
pais H582 enosh
pais H1121 ben
pais H2428 chayil
pais H3206 yeled
pais H4397 malakh
pais H5288 naar
pais H5291 naarah
pais H5650 eved
pais H5971 am