G3960 πατάσσω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to beat, knock
I strike
I smite, strike (as with a sword), smite to death, afflict.
to knock (gently or with a weapon or fatally)
Derivation: probably prolongation from G3817;

KJV Usage: smite, strike.

Compare G5180. G3817 G5180
1) to strike gently: as a part or a member of the body
2) to stroke, smite: with the sword, to afflict, to visit with evils, etc. as with a deadly disease
3) to smite down, cut down, to kill, slay

Probably a prolongation from G3817; to knock (gently or with a weapon or fatally)

KJV Usage: smite, strike.

Compare G5180.

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10 occurrences of G3960 πατάσσω

Matthew 26:31
Matthew 26:51
Mark 14:27
Luke 22:49
Luke 22:50
Acts 7:24
Acts 12:7
Acts 12:23
Revelation 11:6
Revelation 19:15

Corresponding Hebrew Words

patasso H1696 davar hi.
patasso H1855 deqaq aph.
patasso H3898 lacham ni.
patasso H3920 lakhad
patasso H4191 mut hi.
patasso H4223 mecha
patasso H4272 machats
patasso H5062 nagaph
patasso H5221 nakhah hi.
patasso H6887 tsarar hi.