H1696 דּבר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; perhaps properly to arrange; but used figuratively (of words) to speak; rarely (in a destructive sense) to subdue

KJV Usage: answer, appoint, bid, command, commune, declare, destroy, give, name, promise, pronounce, rehearse, say, speak, be spokesman, subdue, talk, teach, tell, think, use [entreaties], utter, X well, X work.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to speak, declare, converse, command, promise, warn, threaten, sing
a. (Qal) to speak
b. (Niphal) to speak with one another, talk
c. (Piel)
1. to speak
2. to promise
d. (Pual) to be spoken
e. (Hithpael) to speak
f. (Hiphil) to lead away, put to flight
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 399
Parts of Speech: Verb

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First 30 of 1049 occurrences of H1696 דּבר

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Corresponding Greek Words

davar G2233 hegeomai
davar G2520 kath eko
davar G3004 lego
davar hi. G3960 patasso
davar hi. G5293 hupo tasso
davar ni., pi. G2635 kata laleo
davar pi,qal,ni,pu G2980 laleo
davar pi. see G1781 st. en tello
davar pi. see G471 st. ant eipon
davar pi. G312 an aggello
davar pi. G622 ap ollumi
davar pi. G1256 dia legomai
davar pi. G2564 kaleo
davar pi. G3191 meletao
davar pi. G3656 homileo
davar pi. G4354 pros laleo
davar pi. G4367 pros tasso
davar pi. G4929 sun tasso
davar pi. G5350 phtheggomai
davar pi. G5537 chrematizo
davar qal,pi G1334 di egeomai