H1682 דּברה דּבורה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

דּברה דּבורה
de bôrâh debôrâh
deb-o-raw', deb-o-raw'
From H1696 (in the sense of orderly motion); the bee (from its systematic instincts)

KJV Usage: bee.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

דּברה דּבורה

1. bee
Origin: from H1696 (in the sense of orderly motion)
TWOT: 399f
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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4 occurrences of H1682 דּברה דּבורה

Deuteronomy 1:44
Judges 14:8
Psalms 118:12
Isaiah 7:18