H1952 הון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From the same as H1951 in the sense of H202; wealth; by implication enough

KJV Usage: enough, + for nought, riches, substance, wealth.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

n m
1. wealth, riches, substance
a. wealth
b. price, high value interj
2. enough!, sufficiency
Origin: from the same as H1951 in the sense of H202
TWOT: 487a
Parts of Speech:

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26 occurrences of H1952 הון

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Corresponding Greek Words

hon G714 arkeo
hon G1391 doxa
hon G1411 dunamis
hon G2425 hikanos
hon G2479 ischus
hon G2933 ktema
hon G2937 ktisis
hon G4147 plouteo
hon G4149 ploutos
hon G5092 time
hon G5223 huparxis
hon bet G979 bios