H202 און - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Probably from the same as H205 (in the sense of effort, but successful); ability, power, (figuratively) wealth

KJV Usage: force, goods, might, strength, substance.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. vigour, generative power
2. wealth
3. physical strength (of men and behemoth)
Origin: probably from the same as H205 (in the sense of effort, but successful)
TWOT: 49a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) vigour, generative power
2) wealth
3) physical strength (of men and behemoth)

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12 occurrences of H202 און

Genesis 49:3 of my strength,
Deuteronomy 21:17 of his strength;
Job 18:7 of his strength
Job 18:12 His strength
Job 20:10 their goods.
Job 40:16 and his force
Psalms 78:51 of their strength
Psalms 105:36 of all their strength.
Isaiah 40:26 of his might,
Isaiah 40:29 and to them that have no might
Hosea 12:3 and by his strength
Hosea 12:8 substance:

Distinct usage

1 of my strength,
1 of his strength;
1 of his strength
1 their goods.
1 and his force
1 of all their strength.
1 and to them that have no might
1 and by his strength
1 of their strength
1 His strength
1 substance:
1 of his might,

Corresponding Greek Words

on G1391 doxa
on G2246 helios
on G2873 kopos
on G4172 polis
on G5225 huparcho
on G1411 dunamis

Related words

H202 און

H203 און 'ôn
The same as H202; On, an Israelite

KJV Usage: On.

H207 אנו אונו 'ônô 'ônô
אנו אונו
'ônô 'ônô
o-no', o-no'
From H202; strong; Ono, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ono.

H1952 הון hôn
From the same as H1951 in the sense of H202; wealth; by implication enough

KJV Usage: enough, + for nought, riches, substance, wealth.

H205 און 'âven

From an unused root perhaps meaning properly to pant (hence to exert oneself, usually in vain; to come to naught); strictly nothingness; also trouble, vanity, wickedness; specifically an idol

KJV Usage: affliction, evil, false, idol, iniquity, mischief, mourners (-ing), naught, sorrow, unjust, unrighteous, vain, vanity, wicked (-ness.)

Compare H369.

H206 און 'âven
The same as H205; idolatry; Aven, the contemptuous synonym of three places, one in Coele Syria, one in Egypt (On), and one in Palestine (Bethel)

KJV Usage: Aven. See also H204, H1007.

H1007 בּית און bêyth 'âven
בּית און
bêyth 'âven
bayth aw'-ven
From H1004 and H205; house of vanity; Beth-Aven, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Beth-aven.

H1126 בּן־אוני ben - 'ônı̂y
ben - 'ônı̂y
From H1121 and H205; son of my sorrow; Ben Oni, the original name of Benjamin

KJV Usage: Ben-oni.

H8383 תּאן te 'ûn
te 'ûn
From H205; naughtiness, that is, toil

KJV Usage: lie.