G4172 πόλις - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a city
a city
a city, the inhabitants of a city.
a town (properly, with walls, of greater or less size)
Derivation: probably from the same as G4171, or perhaps from G4183;

KJV Usage: city.

G4183 G4171
1) a city
1a) one's native city, the city in which one lives
1b) the heavenly Jerusalem
1b1) the abode of the blessed in heaven
1b2) of the visible capital in the heavenly kingdom, to come down to earth after the renovation of the world by fire
1c) the inhabitants of a city

Probably from the same as G4171, or perhaps from G4183; a town (properly with walls, of greater or less size)

KJV Usage: city.

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First 30 of 155 occurrences of G4172 πόλις

Matthew 2:23 a city
Matthew 4:5 city,
Matthew 5:14 A city
Matthew 5:35 the city
Matthew 8:33 the city,
Matthew 8:34 city
Matthew 9:1 city.
Matthew 9:35 the cities
Matthew 10:5 any city
Matthew 10:11 city
Matthew 10:14 city,
Matthew 10:15 city.
Matthew 10:23 city,
Matthew 10:23 the cities
Matthew 11:1 cities.
Matthew 11:20 the cities
Matthew 12:25 city
Matthew 14:13 the cities.
Matthew 21:10 the city
Matthew 21:17 the city
Matthew 21:18 the city,
Matthew 22:7 city.
Matthew 23:34 city
Matthew 23:34 city:
Matthew 26:18 the city
Matthew 27:53 city,
Matthew 28:11 the city,
Mark 1:33 the city
Mark 1:45 the city,
Mark 5:14 the city,

Distinct usage

26 the city
24 city
23 city,
21 the city,
10 a city
8 of the city
7 city.
7 the cities
4 cities.
3 city:
3 of the city,
3 the city:
2 cities,
2 the city.
2 cities
2 the cities,
2 city!
1 any city
1 the cities.
1 belonging to the city
1 city;
1 to the city:
1 out of the surrounding cities
1 the same city
1 to the city,
1 the city;
1 of the city.
1 city.}
1 that the city
1 a city.
1 to the city
1 a city,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

polis H202 on
polis H759 armon
polis H1002 birah
polis H4725 maqom
polis H5892 ir
polis H7149 qiryah
polis H8179 shaar