H4581 מעז מעז מעוּז מעוז - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מעז מעז מעוּז מעוז
mâ‛ôz mâ‛ûz mâ‛ôz mâ‛ûz
maw-oze', maw-ooz', maw-oze', maw-ooz'
From H5810; a fortified place; figuratively a defence

KJV Usage: force, fort (-ress), rock, strength (-en), (X most) strong (hold).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מעז מעז מעוּז מעוז

1. place or means of safety, protection, refuge, stronghold
a. place of safety, fastness, harbour, stronghold
b. refuge (of God) (fig.)
c. human protection (fig.)
Origin: from H5810
TWOT: 1578a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) place or means of safety, protection, refuge, stronghold
1a) place of safety, fastness, harbour, stronghold
1b) refuge (of God) (fig.)
1c) human protection (fig.)

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H4581 מעז מעז מעוּז מעוז

Judges 6:26 of this rock,
2 Samuel 22:33 is my strength
Nehemiah 8:10 is your strength.
Psalms 27:1 is the strength
Psalms 28:8 strength
Psalms 31:2 be thou my strong
Psalms 31:4 for me: for thou art my strength.
Psalms 37:39 he is their strength
Psalms 43:2 of my strength:
Psalms 52:7 his strength;
Psalms 60:7 also is the strength
Psalms 108:8 also is the strength
Proverbs 10:29 is strength
Isaiah 17:9 shall his strong
Isaiah 17:10 of thy strength,
Isaiah 23:4 even the strength
Isaiah 23:11 its strong
Isaiah 23:11 holds.
Isaiah 23:14 for your strength
Isaiah 25:4 For thou hast been a defence
Isaiah 25:4 a defence
Isaiah 27:5 of my strength,
Isaiah 30:2 themselves in the strength
Isaiah 30:3 Therefore shall the strength
Jeremiah 16:19 and my fortress,
Ezekiel 24:25 from them their strength,
Ezekiel 30:15 the strength
Daniel 11:1 and to strengthen
Daniel 11:7 into the fortress
Daniel 11:10 even to his fortress.

Distinct usage

2 strength
2 also is the strength
1 of this rock,
1 is my strength
1 is the strength
1 for me: for thou art my strength.
1 of my strength:
1 his strength;
1 for your strength
1 of my strength,
1 themselves in the strength
1 and to strengthen
1 into the fortress
1 even to his fortress.
1 toward the fortresses
1 of strength,
1 of forces:
1 from them their strength,
1 its strong
1 holds.
1 in the strongest
1 For thou hast been a defence
1 a defence
1 shall his strong
1 is your strength.
1 Therefore shall the strength
1 is strength
1 the strength
1 he is their strength
1 a strong hold
1 and my fortress,
1 even the strength
1 be thou my strong
1 of thy strength,
1 and the strength

Corresponding Greek Words

maoz see G407 st. andrizo
maoz G2478 ischuros
maoz G4714 stasis *

Related words


H5810 עזז ‛âzaz

A primitive root; to be stout (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: harden, impudent, prevail, strengthen (self), be strong.

H5794 עז ‛az
From H5810; strong, vehement, harsh

KJV Usage: fierce, + greedy, mighty, power, roughly, strong.

H5795 עז ‛êz
From H5810; a she goat (as strong), but masculine in plural (which also is used elliptically for goats' hair)

KJV Usage: (she) goat, kid.

H5797 עוז עז ‛ôz ‛ôz
עוז עז
‛ôz ‛ôz
oze, oze
From H5810; strength in various applications (force, security, majesty, praise)

KJV Usage: boldness, loud, might, power, strength, strong.

H5807 עזוּז ‛ĕzûz
From H5810; forcibleness

KJV Usage: might, strength.

H5808 עזּוּז ‛izzûz
From H5810; forcible; collectively and concretely an army

KJV Usage: power, strong.

H5811 עזז ‛âzâz
From H5810; strong; Azaz, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Azaz.

H5812 עזזיהוּ ‛ăzazyâhû
From H5810 and H3050; Jah has strengthened; Azazjah, the name of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Azaziah.

H5813 עזּי ‛ûzzı̂y
From H5810; forceful; Uzzi, the name of six Israelites

KJV Usage: Uzzi.