H3966 מאד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

me 'ôd
From the same as H181; properly vehemence, that is, (with or without preposition) vehemently; by implication wholly, speedily, etc. (often with other words as an intensive or superlative; especially when repeated)

KJV Usage: diligently, especially, exceeding (-ly), far, fast, good, great (-ly), X louder and louder, might (-ily, -y), (so) much, quickly, (so) sore, utterly, very (+ much, sore), well.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. exceedingly, much subst
2. might, force, abundance n m
3. muchness, force, abundance, exceedingly
a. force, might
b. exceedingly, greatly, very (idioms showing magnitude or degree)
1. exceedingly
2. up to abundance, to a great degree, exceedingly
3. with muchness, muchness
Origin: from the same as H181
TWOT: 1134
Parts of Speech:

1) exceedingly, much
2) might, force, abundance
n m
3) muchness, force, abundance, exceedingly
3a) force, might
3b) exceedingly, greatly, very (idioms showing magnitude or degree)
3b1) exceedingly
3b2) up to abundance, to a great degree, exceedingly
3b3) with muchness, muchness

View how H3966 מאד is used in the Bible

First 30 of 288 occurrences of H3966 מאד

Genesis 1:31 and, behold, it was very
Genesis 4:5 was very
Genesis 7:18 greatly
Genesis 7:19 exceedingly
Genesis 12:14 was very
Genesis 13:2 was very
Genesis 13:13 exceedingly.
Genesis 15:1 and thy exceeding
Genesis 17:2 thee exceedingly.
Genesis 17:6 thee exceedingly
Genesis 17:20 him exceedingly;
Genesis 18:20 is very
Genesis 19:3 them greatly;
Genesis 19:9 hard
Genesis 20:8 were greatly
Genesis 21:11 was very
Genesis 24:16 was very
Genesis 24:35 greatly;
Genesis 26:13 very
Genesis 26:16 from us; for thou art much
Genesis 27:33 exceedingly,
Genesis 27:34 and exceedingly
Genesis 30:43 exceedingly,
Genesis 32:7 was greatly
Genesis 34:7 and they were very
Genesis 34:12 me never so much
Genesis 41:19 and very
Genesis 41:31 for it shall be very
Genesis 41:49 very
Genesis 47:13 was very

Distinct usage

18 very
11 was very
9 was very
9 a very
7 was greatly
7 and greatly
7 with a very
6 and very
5 greatly
5 greatly;
5 greatly.
5 greatly,
4 exceedingly.
4 in great
4 great
3 were greatly
3 diligently,
3 is very
2 exceedingly,
2 and with very
2 was a very
2 and there was a very
2 were very
2 are very
2 is exceeding
2 and grievously
2 had very
2 exceedingly
2 for I have done very
2 with very
1 and, behold, it was very
1 and thy exceeding
1 thee exceedingly.
1 thee exceedingly
1 him exceedingly;
1 them greatly;
1 hard
1 from us; for thou art much
1 and they were very
1 me never so much
1 for it shall be very
1 and it was a very
1 and became very
1 there shall be a very
1 a mighty
1 even very
1 and very
1 a great
1 Take ye therefore good
1 mightily,
1 not away: neither shall he greatly
1 which are very
1 not very
1 by reason of the very
1 We are very
1 yet very
1 Be ye therefore very
1 Take good
1 to them: and they were greatly
1 And he was very

Corresponding Greek Words

meod G1411 dunamis
meod G2479 ischus
meod G3029 lian
meod G4970 sphodra

Related words


H181 אוּד 'ûd

From an unused root meaning to rake together; a poker (for turning or gathering embers)

KJV Usage: (fire-) brand.

H108 אד 'êd
From the same as H181 (in the sense of enveloping); a fog

KJV Usage: mist, vapor.

H182 אדות אודות 'ôdôth 'ôdôth
אדות אודות
'ôdôth 'ôdôth
o-doth', o-doth'
From the same as H181; turnings (that is, occasions); (adverbially) on account of

KJV Usage: (be-) cause, concerning, sake.

H343 איד 'êyd
From the same as H181 (in the sense of bending down); oppression; by implication misfortune, ruin

KJV Usage: calamity, destruction.