H3967 מאיה מאה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מאיה מאה
mê'âh mê'yâh
may-aw', may-yaw'
Probably a primitive numeral; a hundred; also as a multiplicative and a fraction

KJV Usage: hundred ([-fold], -th), + sixscore.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מאיה מאה

1. hundred
a. as simple number
b. as part of larger number
c. as a fraction - one one-hundredth (1/
Origin: properly, a primitive numeral; a hundred
TWOT: 1135
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) hundred
1a) as simple number
1b) as part of larger number
1c) as a fraction-one one-hundredth (1/100)

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First 30 of 581 occurrences of H3967 מאיה מאה

Genesis 5:3 an hundred
Genesis 5:4 hundred
Genesis 5:5 hundred
Genesis 5:6 an hundred
Genesis 5:7 hundred
Genesis 5:8 hundred
Genesis 5:10 hundred
Genesis 5:11 hundred
Genesis 5:13 hundred
Genesis 5:14 hundred
Genesis 5:16 hundred
Genesis 5:17 hundred
Genesis 5:18 an hundred
Genesis 5:19 hundred
Genesis 5:20 hundred
Genesis 5:22 hundred
Genesis 5:23 hundred
Genesis 5:25 an hundred
Genesis 5:26 hundred
Genesis 5:27 hundred
Genesis 5:28 an hundred
Genesis 5:30 hundred
Genesis 5:31 hundred
Genesis 5:32 hundred
Genesis 6:3 shall be an hundred
Genesis 6:15 hundred
Genesis 7:6 hundred
Genesis 7:11 hundredth
Genesis 7:24 an hundred
Genesis 8:3 of the hundred

Distinct usage

241 hundred
70 an hundred
40 hundred.
38 two hundred
19 hundred,
11 and an hundred
10 were an hundred
9 of an hundred
9 of which was an hundred
7 was an hundred
6 of hundreds,
6 and two hundred.
5 over hundreds,
5 and two hundred
5 for an hundred
4 being an hundred
4 and of hundreds,
4 and with him two hundred
3 were two hundred
3 and with him an hundred
2 hundredth
2 of the hundred
2 was an hundred
2 were an hundred
2 even two hundred
2 hundred;
2 the eleven hundred
2 and hundreds,
2 and one hundred
2 of hundreds
2 an hundred,
1 shall be an hundred
1 were two hundred
1 to him that is an hundred
1 an hundredfold:
1 and four hundred
1 shall be an hundred
1 the hangings were an hundred
1 And of the hundred
1 and an hundred,
1 weighing an hundred
1 the two hundred
1 him an hundred
1 to them, I am an hundred
1 of us eleven hundred
1 but an hundred
1 of hundreds;
1 grain, and an hundred
1 by hundreds,
1 for two hundred
1 to the two hundred
1 of them for an hundred
1 at two hundred
1 and upon them two hundred
1 of hundreds.
1 by hundreds
1 one hundred and twenty
1 over the hundreds
1 of the hundreds,
1 was over an hundred,

Related words


H520 אמּה 'ammâh
Prolonged from H517; properly a mother (that is, unit) of measure, or the forearm (below the elbow), that is, a cubit; also a door base (as a bond of the entrance)

KJV Usage: cubit, + hundred [by exchange for H3967], measure, post.

H3968 מאה mê'âh
The same as H3967; Meah, a tower in Jerusalem

KJV Usage: Meah.

H3969 מאה me 'âh
me 'âh
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3967

KJV Usage: hundred.