G2736 κάτω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
down, downwards
down, below, lower, under, less
(a) down, below, also: downwards, (b) lower, under, less, of a length of time.
; also (compare) κατωτέρω downwards
Derivation: (compare G2737); adverb from G2596;

KJV Usage: beneath, bottom, down, under.

G2737 G2596
1) down, downwards
2) below, beneath
2a) of place, below
2b) of temporal succession

κάτω, κατωτέρω
katō katōterō
kat'-o, kat-o-ter'-o

Compare G2737]; adverb from G2596; downwards

KJV Usage: beneath, bottom, down, under.

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11 occurrences of G2736 κάτω

Matthew 2:16
Matthew 4:6
Matthew 27:51
Mark 14:66
Mark 15:38
Luke 4:9
John 8:6
John 8:8
John 8:23
Acts 2:19
Acts 20:9

Corresponding Hebrew Words

kato H4295 mattah
kato * H8478 mitachat