G680 ἅπτομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I touch or handle
prop: I fasten to; I lay hold of, touch, know carnally.
properly, to attach oneself to, i.e. to touch (in many implied relations)
Derivation: reflexive of G681;

KJV Usage: touch.

1) to fasten one's self to, adhere to, cling to
1a) to touch
1b) of carnal intercourse with a women or cohabitation
1c) of levitical practice of having no fellowship with heathen practices. Things not to be touched appear to be both women and certain kinds of food, so celibacy and abstinence of certain kinds of food and drink are recommended.
1d) to touch, assail anyone

Reflexive of G681; properly to attach oneself to, that is, to touch (in many implied relations)

KJV Usage: touch.

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First 30 of 33 occurrences of G680 ἅπτομαι

Matthew 8:3 and touched
Matthew 8:15 he touched
Matthew 9:20 him, and touched
Matthew 9:21 I may
Matthew 9:21 touch
Matthew 9:29 he touched
Matthew 14:36 they might
Matthew 14:36 touch
Matthew 14:36 touched
Matthew 17:7 and touched
Matthew 20:34 on them, and touched
Mark 1:41 and touched
Mark 3:10 touch
Mark 5:27 touched
Mark 5:28 I may touch
Mark 5:30 touched
Mark 5:31 touched
Mark 6:56 they might touch
Mark 6:56 touched
Mark 7:33 and touched
Mark 8:22 touch
Mark 10:13 he should touch
Luke 5:13 and touched
Luke 6:19 to touch
Luke 7:14 and touched
Luke 7:39 toucheth
Luke 8:44 him, and touched
Luke 8:45 touched
Luke 8:45 touched
Luke 8:46 hath touched

Distinct usage

7 touched
6 and touched
5 touch
3 he touched
2 him, and touched
2 to touch
2 toucheth
1 I may
1 they might
1 on them, and touched
1 I may touch
1 they might touch
1 he should touch
1 hath touched
1 she had touched
1 he would touch
1 {\cf6 Touch
1 (Touch

Corresponding Hebrew Words

(,681) hapto H270 achaz
(,681) hapto H1692 davaq
(,681) hapto H5060 naga qal,pi,hi
(,681) hapto H7126 qarav
(,681) hapto H7971 shalach yad
(,681) hapto H7981 shelet