G2090 ἑτοιμάζω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to make
I make ready, prepare.
to prepare
Derivation: from G2092;

KJV Usage: prepare, provide, make ready.

Compare G2680. G2092 G2680
1) to make ready, prepare
1a) to make the necessary preparations, get everything ready
2) metaph.
2a) drawn from the oriental custom of sending on before kings on their journeys persons to level the roads and make them passable
2b) to prepare the minds of men to give the Messiah a fit reception and secure his blessings

From G2092; to prepare

KJV Usage: prepare, provide, make ready.

Compare G2680.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

hetoimazo H1254 bara pi.
hetoimazo H2363 chush
hetoimazo H3190 yatav hi.
hetoimazo H3198 yakhach hi.
hetoimazo H3559 kun hi,ni,pil,hoph
hetoimazo H4886 mashach
hetoimazo H5493 sur hi.
hetoimazo H5782 ur qal,hi
hetoimazo H6186 arakh
hetoimazo H6213 asah
hetoimazo H6257 atad hithp.
hetoimazo H6305 palag pi.
hetoimazo H6329 puq hi.
hetoimazo H6437 panah pi.
hetoimazo H6485 paqad ni.
hetoimazo H7257 ravats hi.
hetoimazo H8446 tur
hetoimazo H8505 takhan ni,pu