G2089 ἔτι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
yet, as yet, still
still, yet, even now
(a) of time: still, yet, even now, (b) of degree: even, further, more, in addition.
"yet," still (of time or degree)
Derivation: perhaps akin to G2094;

KJV Usage: after that, also, ever, (any) further, (t-)henceforth (more), hereafter, (any) longer, (any) more(-one), now, still, yet.

1) yet, still
1a) of time
1a1) of a thing which went on formerly, whereas now a different state of things exists or has begun to exist
1a2) of a thing which continues at present
1a2a) even, now
1a3) with negatives
1a3a) no longer, no more
1b) of degree and increase
1b1) even, yet
1b2) besides, more, further

Perhaps akin to G2094; “yet” , still (of time or degree)

KJV Usage: after that, also, ever, (any) further, (t-) henceforth (more), hereafter, (any) longer, (any) more (-one), now, still, yet.

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First 30 of 86 occurrences of G2089 ἔτι

Matthew 5:13 it is then
Matthew 12:46 While
Matthew 17:5 was yet
Matthew 18:16 more,
Matthew 19:20 I yet?
Matthew 26:47 while
Matthew 26:47 was yet
Matthew 26:65 further
Matthew 27:63 while he was yet
Mark 5:35 While
Mark 5:35 was yet
Mark 5:35 any further?
Mark 8:17 yet
Mark 12:6 yet
Mark 14:43 was yet
Mark 14:63 any further
Luke 1:15 even
Luke 8:49 was yet
Luke 9:42 yet
Luke 14:22 yet
Luke 14:26 yea,
Luke 14:32 yet
Luke 15:20 was yet
Luke 16:2 longer
Luke 18:22 {\cf6 Yet
Luke 20:36 any more:
Luke 22:37 yet
Luke 22:47 was yet
Luke 22:60 was yet
Luke 22:71 of any further

Distinct usage

33 yet
9 was yet
6 more
5 no more
4 {\cf6 Yet
3 While
3 more,
3 further
3 any more
3 still:
2 moreover
2 more.
1 it is then
1 I yet?
1 while he was yet
1 any further?
1 any further
1 even
1 yea,
1 longer
1 any more:
1 of any further
1 I was yet
1 there yet
1 any longer
1 it is no more
1 doth he yet
1 then is it no more
1 no longer
1 this word, Yet
1 more:
1 any more;
1 longer:
1 found.
1 heard
1 shall be no more
1 still.