G2092 ἕτοιμος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

ready, prepared.
adjusted, i.e. ready
Derivation: from an old noun ἐτεός (fitness);

KJV Usage: prepared, (made) ready(-iness, to our hand).

1) prepare ready
1a) of things
1a1) ready at hand
1a2) opportune, seasonable
1b) of persons
1b1) ready prepared
1b1a) to do something
1b1b) to receive one coming

From an old noun ἕτεος
heteos (fitness); adjusted, that is, ready

KJV Usage: prepared, (made) ready (-iness, to our hand).

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17 occurrences of G2092 ἕτοιμος

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

hetoimos H328 itti
hetoimos H3559 kun ni.,hi.
hetoimos H3700 kasaph
hetoimos H4349 makhon
hetoimos H4803 marat qal,pu
hetoimos H6186 arakh
hetoimos H6260 atud
hetoimos H6800 tsana hi.