H6260 עתּד עתּוּד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עתּד עתּוּד
‛attûd ‛attûd
at-tood', at-tood'
From H6257; prepared, that is, full grown; spoken only (in plural) of he goats, or (figuratively) leaders of the people

KJV Usage: chief one, (he) goat, ram.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עתּד עתּוּד

1. ram, he-goat, chief one
Origin: from H6257
TWOT: 1719b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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29 occurrences of H6260 עתּד עתּוּד

Genesis 31:10 and, behold, the rams
Genesis 31:12 all the rams
Numbers 7:17 male goats,
Numbers 7:23 male goats,
Numbers 7:29 male goats,
Numbers 7:35 male goats,
Numbers 7:41 male goats,
Numbers 7:47 male goats,
Numbers 7:53 male goats,
Numbers 7:59 male goats,
Numbers 7:65 male goats,
Numbers 7:71 male goats,
Numbers 7:77 male goats,
Numbers 7:83 male goats,
Numbers 7:88 the male goats
Deuteronomy 32:14 and goats,
Psalms 50:9 nor male goats
Psalms 50:13 of goats?
Psalms 66:15 with goats.
Proverbs 27:26 and the goats
Isaiah 1:11 or of male goats.
Isaiah 14:9 for thee, even all the chief ones
Isaiah 34:6 and goats,
Jeremiah 50:8 and be as the male goats
Jeremiah 51:40 with male goats.
Ezekiel 27:21 and goats:
Ezekiel 34:17 and the male goats.
Ezekiel 39:18 and of goats,
Zechariah 10:3 the goats:

Distinct usage

12 male goats,
2 and goats,
1 and, behold, the rams
1 all the rams
1 the male goats
1 nor male goats
1 of goats?
1 with goats.
1 and the goats
1 or of male goats.
1 for thee, even all the chief ones
1 and be as the male goats
1 with male goats.
1 and goats:
1 and the male goats.
1 and of goats,
1 the goats:

Corresponding Greek Words

attud G1404 drakon
atud G2055 & G2056 eriphos
atud G286 amnos
atud G757 archo
atud G758 archon
atud G2092 hetoimos
atud G2479 ischus
atud G5131 tragos