G2090 - new English-Greek & Hebrew Index and Concordance

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Matthew 3:3 Prepare ye G2090 G5657
Matthew 20:23 it is prepared G2090 G5769
Matthew 22:4 I have prepared G2090 G5656
Matthew 25:34 prepared G2090 G5772
Matthew 25:41 prepared G2090 G5772
Matthew 26:17 that we prepare G2090 G5661
Matthew 26:19 they made ready G2090 G5656
Mark 1:3 Prepare ye G2090 G5657
Mark 10:40 it is prepared. G2090 G5769
Mark 14:12 and prepare G2090 G5661
Mark 14:15 make ready G2090 G5657
Mark 14:16 they made ready G2090 G5656
Luke 1:17 to make ready G2090 G5658
Luke 1:76 to prepare G2090 G5658
Luke 2:31 thou hast prepared G2090 G5656
Luke 3:4 Prepare ye G2090 G5657
Luke 9:52 make ready G2090 G5658
Luke 12:20 thou hast provided? G2090 G5656
Luke 12:47 prepared G2090 G5660
Luke 17:8 Make ready G2090 G5657
Luke 22:8 and prepare G2090 G5657
Luke 22:9 that we prepare? G2090 G5661
Luke 22:12 make ready. G2090 G5657
Luke 22:13 they made ready G2090 G5656
Luke 23:56 prepared G2090 G5656
Luke 24:1 they had prepared, G2090 G5656
John 14:2 to prepare G2090 G5658
John 14:3 prepare G2090 G5661
Acts 23:23 Make ready G2090 G5657
1 Corinthians 2:9 hath prepared G2090 G5656
2 Timothy 2:21 and prepared G2090 G5772
Philemon 1:22 prepare G2090 G5720
Hebrews 11:16 he hath prepared G2090 G5656
Revelation 8:6 prepared G2090 G5656
Revelation 9:7 prepared G2090 G5772
Revelation 9:15 were prepared G2090 G5772
Revelation 12:6 prepared G2090 G5772
Revelation 16:12 might be prepared. G2090 G5686
Revelation 19:7 hath made G2090
Revelation 19:7 ready. G2090 G5656
Revelation 21:2 prepared G2090 G5772

Distinct usage

8 prepared
4 make ready
3 Prepare ye
3 they made ready
2 and prepare
2 to prepare
2 prepare
1 it is prepared
1 that we prepare
1 it is prepared.
1 thou hast prepared
1 that we prepare?
1 make ready.
1 hath prepared
1 I have prepared
1 he hath prepared
1 hath made
1 ready.
1 and prepared
1 they had prepared,
1 were prepared
1 thou hast provided?
1 might be prepared.
1 to make ready