G2068 ἐσθίω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to eat
I eat
I eat, partake of food; met: I devour, consume (e.g. as rust does).
used only in certain tenses, the rest being supplied by G5315; to eat (usually literal)
Derivation: strengthened for a primary ἔδω (to eat);

KJV Usage: devour, eat, live.

1) to eat
2) to eat (consume) a thing
2a) to take food, eat a meal
3) metaph. to devour, consume

Strengthened for a primary word ἔδω edō (to eat); used only in certain tenses, the rest being supplied by G5315; to eat (usually literally)

KJV Usage: devour, eat, live.

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First 30 of 55 occurrences of G2068 ἐσθίω

Matthew 9:11 eateth
Matthew 11:18 eating
Matthew 11:19 eating
Matthew 12:1 to eat.
Matthew 14:21 they that had eaten
Matthew 15:2 they eat
Matthew 15:27 eat
Matthew 15:38 they that had eaten
Matthew 24:49 to eat
Matthew 26:21 were eating,
Matthew 26:26 were eating,
Mark 1:6 he ate
Mark 2:16 eating
Mark 2:16 he eateth
Mark 7:2 eating
Mark 7:3 eat
Mark 7:4 they eat
Mark 7:5 eat
Mark 7:28 eat
Mark 14:18 were eating,
Mark 14:18 eateth
Mark 14:22 were eating,
Luke 5:30 do ye eat
Luke 5:33 eat
Luke 6:1 ate,
Luke 7:33 eating
Luke 7:34 eating
Luke 10:7 eating
Luke 10:8 eat such things
Luke 12:45 to eat

Distinct usage

7 eateth
7 eating
7 eat
4 to eat
4 were eating,
2 to eat.
2 they that had eaten
2 they eat
2 he eateth
2 him that eateth
2 he that eateth
2 let him eat
1 he ate
1 do ye eat
1 ate,
1 eat such things
1 ate:
1 {\cf6 They ate,
1 they ate,
1 ye may eat
1 let
1 him who eateth
1 him that eateth:
1 it. He that eateth,
1 who eateth
1 live
1 who eat
1 that eat,
1 eat,
1 ye eat,
1 ye eat
1 shall eat
1 should he eat.
1 and eat
1 devour

Corresponding Hebrew Words

esthio H398 akhal qal,ni,hi
esthio H1262 barah
esthio H3243 yanaq
esthio H5307 naphal
esthio H5375 nasa
esthio H5582 saad lev
esthio H8082 shamen