G5315 φάγω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I eat
I eat, partake of food; met: I devour, consume (e.g. as rust does); used only in fut. and 2nd aor. tenses.
to eat (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: a primary verb (used as an alternate of G2068 in certain tenses);

KJV Usage: eat, meat.

1) to eat
2) to eat (consume) a thing
2a) to take food, eat a meal
2b) metaph. to devour, consume

A primary verb (used as an alternate of G2068 in certain tenses); to eat (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: eat, meat.

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First 30 of 90 occurrences of G5315 φάγω

Matthew 6:25 ye shall eat,
Matthew 6:31 shall we eat?
Matthew 12:4 ate
Matthew 12:4 to eat,
Matthew 14:16 to eat.
Matthew 14:20 ate,
Matthew 15:20 to eat
Matthew 15:32 to eat:
Matthew 15:37 ate,
Matthew 25:35 food:
Matthew 25:42 food:
Matthew 26:17 to eat
Matthew 26:26 eat;
Mark 2:26 ate
Mark 2:26 to eat
Mark 3:20 eat
Mark 5:43 to eat.
Mark 6:31 to eat.
Mark 6:36 to eat.
Mark 6:37 to eat?
Mark 6:37 to eat.
Mark 6:42 ate,
Mark 6:44 they that ate
Mark 8:1 to eat,
Mark 8:2 to eat:
Mark 8:8 they ate,
Mark 8:9 they that had eaten
Mark 11:14 eat
Mark 14:12 thou mayest eat
Mark 14:14 I may eat

Distinct usage

16 to eat
8 ate
7 to eat.
5 eat
3 ate,
3 shall eat
2 ye shall eat,
2 to eat,
2 to eat:
2 food:
2 to eat?
2 they ate,
2 I may eat
2 eat:
2 eat,
2 eat.}
1 shall we eat?
1 eat;
1 they that ate
1 they that had eaten
1 thou mayest eat
1 he ate
1 he would eat
1 something to eat.
1 ye shall eat;
1 We ate
1 that shall eat
1 let us eat,
1 I have eaten
1 shalt eat