G2618 κατακαίω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to burn down, burn completely
I burn up, consume entirely.
to burn down (to the ground), i.e. consume wholly
Derivation: from G2596 and G2545;

KJV Usage: burn (up, utterly).

G2596 G2545
1) to burn up, consume by fire

From G2596 and G2545; to burn down (to the ground), that is, consume wholly

KJV Usage: burn (up, utterly).

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12 occurrences of G2618 κατακαίω

Matthew 3:12 he will burn
Matthew 13:30 burn
Matthew 13:40 burned
Luke 3:17 he will burn
Acts 19:19 and burned them
1 Corinthians 3:15 shall be burned,
Hebrews 13:11 are burned
2 Peter 3:10 shall be burned up.
Revelation 8:7 was burnt up,
Revelation 8:7 was burnt up.
Revelation 17:16 burn
Revelation 18:8 she shall be utterly burned

Distinct usage

2 he will burn
2 burn
1 burned
1 and burned them
1 shall be burned,
1 are burned
1 shall be burned up.
1 was burnt up,
1 was burnt up.
1 she shall be utterly burned

Corresponding Hebrew Words

kata kaio H398 akhal pu.
kata kaio H1158 baah
kata kaio H1197 baar qal,pi,hi
kata kaio H2760 charakh ithpa.
kata kaio H3341 yatsat qal,hi
kata kaio H3554 kavah ni.
kata kaio H3857 lahat pi.
kata kaio H6866 tsarav ni.
kata kaio H7673 shavat hi.
kata kaio H8313 saraph qal,ni