G5274 ὑπολαμβάνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to take up by getting under
I take up, receive, answer, suppose, welcome
(a) I take up, (b) I welcome, entertain, (c) I answer, (d) I suppose, imagine.
to take from below, i.e. carry upward; figuratively, to take up, i.e. continue a discourse or topic; mentally, to assume (presume)
Derivation: from G5259 and G2983;

KJV Usage: answer, receive, suppose.

G5259 G2983
1) to take up in order to raise, to bear on high
1a) to take up and carry away
2) to receive hospitably, welcome
3) to take up
3a) follow in speech, in order either to reply to or controvert or supplement what another has said
4) to take up in the mind
4a) to assume, suppose

From G5259 and G2983; to take from below, that is, carry upward; figuratively to take up, that is, continue a discourse or topic; mentally to assume (presume)

KJV Usage: answer, receive, suppose.

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4 occurrences of G5274 ὑπολαμβάνω

Luke 7:43
Luke 10:30
Acts 1:9
Acts 2:15

Corresponding Hebrew Words

hupo lambano H270 achaz
hupo lambano H935 bo
hupo lambano H1802 dalah pi.
hupo lambano H1819 damah pi.
hupo lambano H2803 chashav pi.
hupo lambano H3498 yatar ni.
hupo lambano H6030 anah
hupo lambano H7475 rayon