H1471 גּי גּוי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

גּי גּוי
gôy gôy
go'ee, go'-ee
Apparently from the same root as H1465 (in the sense of massing); a foreign nation; hence a Gentile; also (figuratively) a troop of animals, or a flight of locusts

KJV Usage: Gentile, heathen, nation, people.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

גּי גּוי
n m
1. nation, people
a. nation, people
1. usually of non-Hebrew people
2. of descendants of Abraham
3. of Israel
b. of swarm of locusts, other animals (fig.) n pr m
c. Goyim? = "nations"
Origin: apparently from the same root as H1465
TWOT: 326e
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 511 occurrences of H1471 גּי גּוי

Genesis 10:5 of the nations
Genesis 10:5 in their nations.
Genesis 10:20 and in their nations.
Genesis 10:31 after their nations.
Genesis 10:32 in their nations:
Genesis 10:32 and by these were the nations
Genesis 12:2 nation,
Genesis 14:1 of nations;
Genesis 14:9 of nations,
Genesis 15:14 And also that nation,
Genesis 17:4 nations.
Genesis 17:5 nations
Genesis 17:6 nations
Genesis 17:16 her, and she shall be a mother of nations;
Genesis 17:20 nation.
Genesis 18:18 nation,
Genesis 18:18 and all the nations
Genesis 20:4 nation?
Genesis 21:13 a nation,
Genesis 21:18 nation.
Genesis 22:18 shall all the nations
Genesis 25:23 nations
Genesis 26:4 shall all the nations
Genesis 35:11 a nation
Genesis 35:11 of nations
Genesis 46:3 nation:
Genesis 48:19 of nations.
Exodus 9:24 since it became a nation.
Exodus 19:6 nation.
Exodus 32:10 nation.

Distinct usage

28 nations
21 of the nations
21 among the heathen,
17 the nations
14 among the nations,
12 of the heathen,
11 nation
11 of the nations,
10 a nation
10 nations,
10 of the heathen
9 nation,
9 the heathen
8 the heathen,
6 among the nations.
5 nation.
5 of the nations:
5 of all nations
5 All nations
5 of the heathen.
5 And the nations
4 nation:
4 the nations,
4 of the nations.
4 of the heathen:
4 of the heathen;
4 among the heathen
4 of all the nations
3 nations.
3 to the nations
3 and all nations
3 to the nations.
3 on such a nation
3 among all the nations
3 to the heathen,
3 among the heathen.
3 among the heathen:
2 and all the nations
2 shall all the nations
2 of nations
2 of nations.
2 then the nations
2 These nations
2 of these nations
2 above all nations
2 O ye nations,
2 from nation
2 to nation,
2 to the heathen;
2 let the heathen
2 that the nations
2 the nations:
2 upon the heathen
2 Why should the heathen
2 upon the heathen,
2 against nation,
2 the nation,
2 ye nations,
2 of the nations;
2 to the nations,

Corresponding Greek Words

goi G444 anthropos
goi G1093 ge
goi G1484 ethnos
goi G2190 echthros
goi G2992 laos
goi G3941 par oikos
goi G5443 phule

Related words

H1471 גּי גּוי

H1465 גּוה gêvâh

Feminine of H1460; the back, that is, (by extension) the person

KJV Usage: body.

H1466 גּוה gêvâh
The same as H1465; exaltation; (figuratively) arrogance

KJV Usage: lifting up, pride.

H1472 גּויּה ge vı̂yâh
ge vı̂yâh
Prolonged for H1465; a body, whether alive or dead

KJV Usage: (dead) body, carcase, corpse.