H6629 צאון צאןo - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

צאון צאן o
tsô'n tse 'ôn
tsone, tseh-one'
From an unused root meaning to migrate; a collective name for a flock (of sheep or goats); also figuratively (of men)

KJV Usage: (small) cattle, flock (+ -s), lamb (+ -s), sheep ([-cote, -fold, -shearer, -herds]).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


צאון צאןo

1. small cattle, sheep, sheep and goats, flock, flocks
a. small cattle (usually of sheep and goats)
b. of multitude (simile)
c. of multitude (metaphor)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to migrate
TWOT: 1864a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) small cattle, sheep, sheep and goats, flock, flocks
1a) small cattle (usually of sheep and goats)
1b) of multitude (simile)
1c) of multitude (metaphor)

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First 30 of 274 occurrences of H6629 צאון צאןo

Genesis 4:2 of sheep,
Genesis 4:4 of his flock
Genesis 12:16 for her sake: and he had sheep,
Genesis 13:5 had flocks,
Genesis 20:14 sheep,
Genesis 21:27 sheep
Genesis 21:28 of the flock
Genesis 24:35 him flocks,
Genesis 26:14 of flocks,
Genesis 27:9 now to the flock,
Genesis 29:2 of sheep
Genesis 29:3 the sheep,
Genesis 29:6 with the sheep.
Genesis 29:7 ye the sheep,
Genesis 29:8 the sheep.
Genesis 29:9 sheep:
Genesis 29:10 and the sheep
Genesis 29:10 the flock
Genesis 30:31 thy flock:
Genesis 30:32 through all thy flock
Genesis 30:36 flocks.
Genesis 30:38 the flocks
Genesis 30:38 when the flocks
Genesis 30:39 And the flocks
Genesis 30:39 cattle
Genesis 30:40 of the flocks
Genesis 30:40 in the flock
Genesis 30:40 cattle.
Genesis 30:41 cattle
Genesis 30:41 of the cattle

Distinct usage

11 sheep
10 sheep,
9 the flock
8 of the flock
5 the sheep,
5 sheep:
4 and the sheep
4 and sheep,
4 and sheep
4 of the flock,
4 my flock,
4 out of the flock,
3 the sheep.
3 of the sheep
3 of thy sheep,
3 the sheep
3 sheep.
3 as sheep
3 sheep;
2 him flocks,
2 of flocks,
2 And the flocks
2 cattle
2 then all the cattle
2 upon the cattle
2 his sheep.
2 are shepherds,
2 and their flocks,
2 the flock.
2 Shall the flocks
2 of sheep,
2 his sheep
2 Like sheep
2 like a flock.
2 All the flocks
2 as the flock
2 from the flock,
2 of thy sheep.
2 of sheep
2 flocks,
2 my flock
1 for her sake: and he had sheep,
1 had flocks,
1 now to the flock,
1 with the sheep.
1 ye the sheep,
1 thy flock:
1 through all thy flock
1 flocks.
1 the flocks
1 when the flocks
1 of the flocks
1 in the flock
1 cattle.
1 of the cattle
1 But when the cattle
1 cattle,
1 to his flock,
1 that the cattle
1 his sheep:

Corresponding Greek Words

tson G286 amnos
tson G2934 ktenos
tson G2992 laos
tson G4168 poimnion
tson G4262 probatikos
tson G4263 probaton

Related words


H6630 צאנן tsa'ănân
From the same as H6629 used denominatively; sheep pasture; Zaanan, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Zaanan.

H6792 צנה צנא tsônê' tsôneh
צנה צנא
tsônê' tsôneh
tso-nay', tso-neh'
For H6629; a flock

KJV Usage: sheep.