G4263 πρόβατον - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
anything that walks forward;
a sheep.
something that walks forward (a quadruped), i.e. (specially), a sheep (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: probably neuter of a presumed derivative of G4260;

KJV Usage: sheep(-fold).

1) any four footed, tame animal accustomed to graze, small cattle (opp. to large cattle, horses, etc.), most commonly a sheep or a goat
1a) a sheep, and so always in the NT

Properly the neuter of a presumed derivative of G4260; something that walks forward (a quadruped), that is, (specifically) a sheep (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: sheep ([-fold]).

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of G4263 πρόβατον

Matthew 7:15 sheep's
Matthew 9:36 sheep
Matthew 10:6 sheep
Matthew 10:16 sheep
Matthew 12:11 sheep,
Matthew 12:12 a sheep?
Matthew 15:24 sheep
Matthew 18:12 sheep,
Matthew 25:32 his sheep
Matthew 25:33 the sheep
Matthew 26:31 the sheep
Mark 6:34 sheep
Mark 14:27 the sheep
Luke 15:4 sheep,
Luke 15:6 sheep
John 2:14 sheep
John 2:15 the sheep,
John 10:1 the sheepfold,
John 10:2 of the sheep.
John 10:3 the sheep
John 10:3 sheep
John 10:4 sheep,
John 10:4 the sheep
John 10:7 of the sheep.
John 10:8 the sheep
John 10:11 the sheep.
John 10:12 the sheep
John 10:12 the sheep,
John 10:12 the sheep.
John 10:13 the sheep.

Distinct usage

12 sheep
7 the sheep
6 sheep,
4 the sheep.
2 the sheep,
2 of the sheep.
2 sheep.
1 sheep's
1 a sheep?
1 his sheep
1 the sheepfold,
1 a sheep
1 of the sheep,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

probaton H3532 keves
probaton H3775 kesev
probaton H6629 tson
probaton H7353 rachel
probaton H7716 seh