H7716 שׂי שׂה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

שׂי שׂה
śeh śêy
seh, say
Probably from H7582 through the idea of pushing out to graze; a member of a flock, that is, a sheep or goat

KJV Usage: (lesser, small) cattle, ewe, lamb, sheep.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

שׂי שׂה

1. one of a flock, lamb, sheep, goat, young sheep, young goat
a. sheep, goat
b. flock (collective)
Origin: probably from H7582 through the idea of pushing out to graze
TWOT: 2237
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 39 occurrences of H7716 שׂי שׂה

Genesis 22:7 but where is the lamb
Genesis 22:8 himself a lamb
Genesis 30:32 cattle,
Genesis 30:32 cattle
Exodus 12:3 a lamb,
Exodus 12:3 a lamb
Exodus 12:4 for the lamb,
Exodus 12:4 for the lamb.
Exodus 12:5 Your lamb
Exodus 13:13 with a lamb;
Exodus 22:1 or a sheep,
Exodus 22:1 for a sheep.
Exodus 22:4 or sheep;
Exodus 22:9 for sheep,
Exodus 22:10 or a sheep,
Exodus 34:19 or sheep,
Exodus 34:20 with a lamb:
Leviticus 5:7 a lamb,
Leviticus 12:8 a lamb,
Leviticus 22:23 or a lamb
Leviticus 22:28 or ewe,
Leviticus 27:26 or sheep:
Numbers 15:11 or for a lamb,
Deuteronomy 14:4 the sheep,
Deuteronomy 17:1 or sheep,
Deuteronomy 18:3 or sheep;
Deuteronomy 22:1 or his sheep
Joshua 6:21 and sheep,
Judges 6:4 neither sheep,
1 Samuel 14:34 his sheep,

Distinct usage

4 a lamb,
3 and sheep,
2 cattle
2 a lamb
2 or a sheep,
2 or sheep;
2 or sheep,
2 sheep;
2 between cattle
1 but where is the lamb
1 himself a lamb
1 cattle,
1 for the lamb,
1 for the lamb.
1 Your lamb
1 with a lamb;
1 for a sheep.
1 for sheep,
1 with a lamb:
1 or a lamb
1 or ewe,
1 or sheep:
1 or for a lamb,
1 the sheep,
1 or his sheep
1 neither sheep,
1 his sheep,
1 of lesser cattle.
1 me the small cattle
1 as a lamb
1 and cattle,
1 cattle.
1 and cattle.
1 lamb

Corresponding Greek Words

seh G286 amnos
seh G4168 poimnion
seh G4263 probaton