H3532 כּבשׂ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to dominate; a ram (just old enough to butt)

KJV Usage: lamb, sheep.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. lamb, sheep, young ram
Origin: from an unused root meaning to dominate
TWOT: 949
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) lamb, sheep, young ram

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First 30 of 107 occurrences of H3532 כּבשׂ

Exodus 12:5 it from the sheep,
Exodus 29:38 lambs
Exodus 29:39 lamb
Exodus 29:39 lamb
Exodus 29:40 lamb
Exodus 29:41 lamb
Leviticus 4:32 a lamb
Leviticus 9:3 and a lamb,
Leviticus 12:6 a lamb
Leviticus 14:10 male lambs
Leviticus 14:12 male lamb,
Leviticus 14:13 the lamb
Leviticus 14:21 lamb
Leviticus 14:24 the lamb
Leviticus 14:25 the lamb
Leviticus 23:12 a male lamb
Leviticus 23:18 lambs
Leviticus 23:19 lambs
Leviticus 23:20 lambs:
Numbers 6:12 a lamb
Numbers 6:14 male lamb
Numbers 7:15 lamb
Numbers 7:17 lambs
Numbers 7:21 lamb
Numbers 7:23 lambs
Numbers 7:27 lamb
Numbers 7:29 lambs
Numbers 7:33 lamb
Numbers 7:35 lambs
Numbers 7:39 lamb

Distinct usage

32 lambs
21 lamb
7 and for the lambs,
6 lambs:
4 lamb,
4 lambs,
3 a lamb
3 the lamb
3 the lambs
1 it from the sheep,
1 and a lamb,
1 male lambs
1 male lamb,
1 a male lamb
1 male lamb
1 lamb.
1 or for a lamb,
1 lamb:
1 lamb;
1 to a lamb:
1 lambs;
1 also the lambs,
1 of my sheep;
1 with the lamb,
1 for the lambs
1 and for the lambs
1 and to the lambs
1 of a lamb
1 the lamb,
1 them as a lamb
1 But I was like a lamb
1 or of lambs,
1 Then shall the lambs

Corresponding Greek Words

keves G286 amnos
keves G704 aren
keves G721 arnion
keves G4263 probaton

Related words

H3532 כּבשׂ

H3535 כּבשׂה כּבשׂה kibśâh kabśâh
כּבשׂה כּבשׂה
kibśâh kabśâh
kib-saw', kab-saw'
Feminine of H3532; a ewe

KJV Usage: (ewe) lamb.

H3775 כּשׂב keśeb
Apparently by transposition for H3532; a young sheep

KJV Usage: lamb, sheep.

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