H6951 קהל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H6950; assemblage (usually concretely)

KJV Usage: assembly, company, congregation, multitude.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. assembly, company, congregation, convocation
a. assembly
1. for evil counsel, war or invasion, religious purposes
b. company (of returning exiles)
c. congregation
1. as organised body
Origin: from H6950
TWOT: 1991a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) assembly, company, congregation, convocation
1a) assembly
1a1) for evil counsel, war or invasion, religious purposes
1b) company (of returning exiles)
1c) congregation
1c1) as organised body

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First 30 of 123 occurrences of H6951 קהל

Genesis 28:3 thee, that thou mayest be a congregation
Genesis 35:11 and a congregation
Genesis 48:4 of thee a congregation
Genesis 49:6 to their congregation,
Exodus 12:6 congregation
Exodus 16:3 congregation
Leviticus 4:13 of the congregation,
Leviticus 4:14 then the congregation
Leviticus 4:21 for the congregation.
Leviticus 16:17 the congregation
Leviticus 16:33 congregation.
Numbers 10:7 But when the congregation
Numbers 14:5 the congregation
Numbers 15:15 shall be both for you of the congregation,
Numbers 16:3 yourselves above the congregation
Numbers 16:33 the congregation.
Numbers 16:47 of the congregation;
Numbers 19:20 the congregation,
Numbers 20:4 the congregation
Numbers 20:6 of the congregation
Numbers 20:10 the congregation
Numbers 20:12 this congregation
Numbers 22:4 Now shall this company
Deuteronomy 5:22 to all your congregation
Deuteronomy 9:10 of the congregation.
Deuteronomy 10:4 of the congregation:
Deuteronomy 18:16 of the congregation,
Deuteronomy 23:1 into the congregation
Deuteronomy 23:2 into the congregation
Deuteronomy 23:2 into the congregation

Distinct usage

12 and all the congregation
7 the congregation
7 into the congregation
7 congregation
5 in the congregation
4 congregation,
3 all the congregation
3 the whole congregation
3 And the congregation
3 of the congregation
3 congregation:
3 a congregation
3 congregation.
2 of all the congregation
2 to all the congregation
2 to all the congregation,
2 of the congregation;
2 and all the congregation.
2 the congregation,
2 of the congregation,
2 to the congregation
1 for the congregation.
1 Now shall this company
1 (and all the congregation
1 all the congregation:
1 which the congregation
1 through all the congregation:
1 Then all the congregation
1 also in the congregation
1 him also in the congregation
1 the congregation.
1 thee, that thou mayest be a congregation
1 and a congregation
1 of thee a congregation
1 of the congregation:
1 themselves in the congregation
1 to the congregation.
1 And the whole congregation
1 that are in thee, and in all thy congregation
1 and all thy congregation
1 and of the congregation
1 thy congregation
1 But when the congregation
1 yourselves above the congregation
1 not before all the congregation
1 is there and all her congregation:
1 and her congregation
1 from the congregation
1 before the whole congregation.
1 this congregation
1 not up with the congregation
1 then the congregation
1 shall be both for you of the congregation,
1 and the congregation;
1 and with a congregation
1 And all this congregation
1 in the presence of all the congregation
1 before all the congregation
1 into thy congregation.
1 to their congregation,

Corresponding Greek Words

qahal G1577 ekklesia
qahal G2992 laos
qahal G3624 oikos
qahal G3793 ochlos
qahal G4128 plethos
qahal G4864 sun agoge
qahal G4892 sunedrion

Related words


H6950 קהל qâhal

A primitive root; to convoke

KJV Usage: assemble (selves) (together), gather (selves) (together).

H4721 מקהלה מקהל maqhêl maqhêlâh
מקהלה מקהל
maqhêl maqhêlâh
mak-hale', mak-hay-law'
From H6950; an assembly

KJV Usage: congregation.

H6952 קהלּה qe hillâh
qe hillâh
From H6950; an assemblage

KJV Usage: assembly, congregation.

H6953 קהלת qôheleth
Feminine of active participle from H6950; a (female) assembler (that is, lecturer); abstractly preaching (used as a ‘nom de plume’, Koheleth)

KJV Usage: preacher.

H6954 קהלתה qe hêlâthâh
qe hêlâthâh
From H6950; convocation; Kehelathah, a place in the Desert

KJV Usage: Kehelathah.

קלהּ o
For H6950; to assemble

KJV Usage: gather together.