G1937 ἐπιθυμέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to set one's heart upon
I long for, covet, lust after
I long for, covet, lust after, set the heart upon.
to set the heart upon, i.e. long for (rightfully or otherwise)
Derivation: from G1909 and G2372;

KJV Usage: covet, desire, would fain, lust (after).

G1909 G2372
1) to turn upon a thing
2) to have a desire for, long for, to desire
3) to lust after, covet
3a) of those who seek things forbidden

From G1909 and G2372; to set the heart upon, that is, long for (rightfully or otherwise)

KJV Usage: covet, desire, would fain, lust (after).

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18 occurrences of G1937 ἐπιθυμέω

Matthew 5:28 lust after
Matthew 13:17 men have desired
Luke 15:16 he was longing
Luke 16:21 desiring
Luke 17:22 ye shall desire
Luke 22:15 desired
Acts 20:33 I have coveted
Romans 7:7 Thou shalt
Romans 7:7 covet.
Romans 13:9 Thou shalt
Romans 13:9 covet;
1 Corinthians 10:6 lusted.
Galatians 5:17 lusteth
1 Timothy 3:1 he desireth
Hebrews 6:11 we desire
James 4:2 Ye lust,
1 Peter 1:12 desire
Revelation 9:6 shall desire

Distinct usage

2 Thou shalt
1 lust after
1 men have desired
1 he was longing
1 desiring
1 ye shall desire
1 desired
1 I have coveted
1 covet.
1 covet;
1 lusted.
1 lusteth
1 he desireth
1 we desire
1 Ye lust,
1 desire
1 shall desire

Corresponding Hebrew Words

epithumeo H183 avah pi., hithp.
epithumeo H559 amar
epithumeo H977 bachar
epithumeo H2530 chamad qal.,pi.
epithumeo H2654 chaphets
epithumeo H2836 chashaq
epithumeo H3700 kasaph ni.
epithumeo H7235 ravah hi.
epithumeo H7592 shaal
epithumeo H8581 taav