G1416 δύνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I sink, set
I sink, set (as the sun).
or δῦμι to go "down"
Derivation: prolonged forms of an obsolete primary δύο (to sink);

KJV Usage: set.

1) to go into, enter
2) go under, be plunged into, sink in
2a) used in the NT of the setting of the sun

δύνω, δῦμι
dunō dumi
doo'-no, doo'-mee
Prolonged forms of an obsolete primary word δύω duō (to sink); to go “down”

KJV Usage: set.

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2 occurrences of G1416 δύνω

Mark 1:32 had set,
Luke 4:40 was setting,

Distinct usage

1 had set,
1 was setting,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

duno H622 asaph
duno H935 bo qal.,hi.
duno H2280 chavash
duno H2502 chalats ni.
duno H6750 tsalal
duno H7817 shachach ni.