G1883 ἐπάνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
above, atop, on the upper side
on the top, above, superior to
(a) adv: on the top, above, (b) prep: on the top of, above, over, on, above, more than, superior to.
up above, i.e. over or on (of place, amount, rank, etc.)
Derivation: from G1909 and G507;

KJV Usage: above, more than, (up-)on, over.

G1909 G507
1) above
1a) of place
1b) of number: more than

From G1909 and G507; up above, that is, over or on (of place, amount, rank, etc.)

KJV Usage: above, more than, (up-) on, over.

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20 occurrences of G1883 ἐπάνω

Matthew 2:9 over
Matthew 5:14 on
Matthew 21:7 on
Matthew 21:7 him on
Matthew 23:18 that is upon
Matthew 23:20 on
Matthew 23:22 upon
Matthew 27:37 over
Matthew 28:2 upon
Mark 14:5 for more than
Luke 4:39 over
Luke 10:19 on
Luke 11:44 over
Luke 19:17 over
Luke 19:19 over
John 3:31 above
John 3:31 above
1 Corinthians 15:6 by more than
Revelation 6:8 on
Revelation 20:3 upon

Distinct usage

6 over
5 on
3 upon
2 above
1 him on
1 that is upon
1 for more than
1 by more than

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ep ano H410 el
ep ano H4310 mi'
ep ano H4606 meal
ep ano * H4609 maelah
ep ano H5921 al
ep ano H5921 al bamote
ep ano H5921 al rosh
ep ano H5945 elyon
ep ano H6256 et