G1863 ἐπάγω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to bring on
I bring upon
I bring upon; met: I cause to be imputed to.
to superinduce, i.e. inflict (an evil), charge (a crime)
Derivation: from G1909 and G71;

KJV Usage: bring upon.

G1909 G71
1) to lead or bring upon
2) to bring a thing on one
2a) to cause something to befall one, usually something evil

From G1909 and G71; to superinduce, that is, inflict (an evil), charge (a crime)

KJV Usage: bring upon.

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3 occurrences of G1863 ἐπάγω

Acts 5:28 to bring
2 Peter 2:1 and bring
2 Peter 2:5 bringing

Distinct usage

1 to bring
1 and bring
1 bringing

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ep ago H935 bo hi.,qal.
ep ago H1580 gamal
ep ago H2194 zaam
ep ago H2487 chaliphah
ep ago H2610 chaneph hi.
ep ago H2856 chatam
ep ago H4305 matar
ep ago H4900 mashakh
ep ago H5090 nahag qal,pi
ep ago H5148 nachah hi.
ep ago H5186 natah qal,hi
ep ago H5221 nakhah hi.
ep ago H5375 nasa qal,hi
ep ago H5674 avar hi.
ep ago H5927 alah qal,hi
ep ago H6030 anah pi.
ep ago H6058 aneph
ep ago H6466 paal
ep ago H6484 patsar hi.
ep ago H6485 paqad
ep ago H6945 qadesh pi.
ep ago H7121 qara
ep ago H7725 shuv qal,hi
ep ago H7760 sum
ep ago H7797 sis
ep ago H7896 shit
ep ago H7971 shalach pi.
ep ago H8074 shamem hi.
ep ago H8210 shaphakh