G4317 προσάγω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to bring to
I bring near, approach
I bring to, bring near; I come to or towards, approach.
to lead towards, i.e. (transitively) to conduct near (summon, present), or (intransitively) to approach
Derivation: from G4314 and G71;

KJV Usage: bring, draw near.

G4314 G71
1) to lead, to bring
1a) to open a way of access, for one to God
1a1) to render one acceptable to God
1b) in a forensic sense, to summon (to trial or punishment)
2) to draw near to, approach
2a) the land which a sailor is approaching seeming to approach him

From G4314 and G71; to lead towards, that is, (transitively) to conduct near (summon, present), or (intransitively) to approach

KJV Usage: bring, draw near,

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4 occurrences of G4317 προσάγω

Luke 9:41 Bring
Acts 16:20 brought
Acts 27:27 drew near
1 Peter 3:18 he might bring

Distinct usage

1 Bring
1 brought
1 drew near
1 he might bring

Corresponding Hebrew Words

pros ago H622 asaph
pros ago H935 bo hi,hoph
pros ago H3947 laqach
pros ago H5060 naga qal,hi
pros ago H5065 nagas ni.
pros ago H5066 nagash qal,ni,hi
pros ago H5437 savav
pros ago H5493 sur
pros ago H5564 samakh
pros ago H5674 avar
pros ago H7126 qarav hi.,qal.
pros ago H7725 shuv hi.