G4374 προσφέρω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to bring to
I bring to, offer
(a) I bring to, (b) characteristically: I offer (of gifts, sacrifices, etc).
to bear towards, i.e. lead to, tender (especially to God), treat
Derivation: from G4314 and G5342 (including its alternate);

KJV Usage: bring (to, unto), deal with, do, offer (unto, up), present unto, put to.

G4314 G5342
1) to bring to, lead to
1a) one to a person who can heal him or is ready to show him some kindness, one to a person who is to judge him
1b) to bring a present or a thing, to reach or hand a thing to one
1c) to put to
2) to be borne towards one, to attack, assail
2a) to behave one's self towards one, deal with one

From G4314 and G5342 (including its alternate); to bear towards, that is, lead to, tender (especially to God), treat

KJV Usage: bring (to, unto), deal with, do, offer (unto, up), present unto, put to.

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First 30 of 45 occurrences of G4374 προσφέρω

Matthew 2:11 they presented
Matthew 4:24 they brought
Matthew 5:23 thou shalt bring
Matthew 5:24 and offer
Matthew 8:4 offer
Matthew 8:16 they brought
Matthew 9:2 they brought
Matthew 9:32 they brought
Matthew 12:22 was brought
Matthew 14:35 brought
Matthew 17:16 I brought
Matthew 18:24 was brought
Matthew 19:13 were brought
Matthew 22:19 they brought
Matthew 25:20 and brought
Mark 1:44 offer
Mark 10:13 they brought
Mark 10:13 those that brought
Luke 5:14 offer
Luke 12:11 they bring
Luke 18:15 they brought
Luke 23:14 Ye have brought
Luke 23:36 offering
John 16:2 that he doeth
John 19:29 and put
Acts 7:42 have ye offered
Acts 8:18 he offered
Acts 21:26 should be offered
Hebrews 5:1 he may offer
Hebrews 5:3 to offer

Distinct usage

7 they brought
4 offer
3 offered
2 was brought
2 offering
2 he offered
2 offered up
1 they presented
1 thou shalt bring
1 and offer
1 brought
1 I brought
1 were brought
1 and brought
1 those that brought
1 they bring
1 Ye have brought
1 that he doeth
1 and put
1 have ye offered
1 should be offered
1 he may offer
1 to offer
1 when he had offered up
1 offer.
1 that offer
1 were offered
1 he should offer
1 they offered
1 to be offered?

Corresponding Hebrew Words

pros phero H935 bo hi.
pros phero H2076 zavach
pros phero H4672 matsa hi.
pros phero H5066 nagash hi.
pros phero H5375 nasa
pros phero H5927 alah hi.
pros phero H6213 asah
pros phero H6999 qatar hi.
pros phero H7126 qarav hi.
pros phero H7311 rum hi.
pros phero H7725 shuv hi.