G4341 προσκαλέομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I summon
I call to myself, summon.
to call toward oneself, i.e. summon, invite
Derivation: middle voice from G4314 and G2564;

KJV Usage: call (for, to, unto).

G4314 G2564
1) to call to
2) to call to one's self
3) to bid to come to one's self
4) metaph.
4a) God is said to call to himself the Gentiles, aliens as they are from him, by inviting them, through the preaching of the gospel unto fellowship with himself in the Messiah's kingdom
4b) Christ and the Holy Sprit are said to call to themselves those preachers of the gospel to whom they have decided to intrust a service having reference to the extension of the gospel

Middle voice from G4314 and G2564; to call toward oneself, that is, summon, invite

KJV Usage: call (for, to, unto).

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. pros kaleo H935 bo
see st. pros kaleo H7121 qara qal.,ni.
see st. pros kaleo H7136 qarah ni.