G1715 ἔμπροσθεν - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
before, in front
in front, before the face
in front, before the face; sometimes made a subst. by the addition of the article: in front of, before the face of.
in front of (in place (literally or figuratively) or time)
Derivation: from G1722 and G4314;

KJV Usage: against, at, before, (in presence, sight) of.

G1722 G4314
1) in front, before
1a) before, i.e. in that local region which is in front of a person or thing
1b) before, in the presence of, i.e. opposite to, over against one
1c) before, in the sight of
1d) before, denoting rank

From G1722 and G4314; in front of (in place [literally or figuratively] or time)

KJV Usage: against, at, before, (in presence, sight) of.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

em prosthen H268 achor
em prosthen H865 etmol
em prosthen H6040 liphene
em prosthen * H6440 lephanim
em prosthen H6924 qedem
em prosthen * H7121 liqrat
em prosthen H7564 rishah