G1702 ἐμπαίζω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to mock at, mock
I mock
I mock, ridicule.
to jeer at, i.e. deride
Derivation: from G1722 and G3815;

KJV Usage: mock.

G1722 G3815
1) to play with, trifle with
1a) to mock
1b) to delude, deceive

From G1722 and G3815; to jeer at, that is, deride

KJV Usage: mock.

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13 occurrences of G1702 ἐμπαίζω

Matthew 2:16 he was mocked
Matthew 20:19 mock,
Matthew 27:29 and mocked
Matthew 27:31 that they had mocked
Matthew 27:41 mocking
Mark 10:34 they shall mock
Mark 15:20 they had mocked
Mark 15:31 mocking
Luke 14:29 to mock
Luke 18:32 shall be mocked,
Luke 22:63 mocked
Luke 23:11 mocked
Luke 23:36 mocked

Distinct usage

3 mocked
2 mocking
1 he was mocked
1 mock,
1 and mocked
1 that they had mocked
1 they shall mock
1 they had mocked
1 to mock
1 shall be mocked,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

em paizo H947 bus
em paizo H1986 halam
em paizo H5953 alal hithpa.
em paizo H6711 tsachaq pi.
em paizo H7046 qalas hithpa.
em paizo H7832 sachaq qal.,pi.
em paizo H8591 taa hithpa.