H6924 קדמה קדם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

קדמה קדם
qedem qêdmâh
keh'-dem, kayd'-maw
From H6923; the front, of place (absolutely the fore part, relatively the East) or time (antiquity); often used adverbially (before, anciently, eastward)

KJV Usage: aforetime, ancient (time), before, east (end, part, side, -ward), eternal, X ever (-lasting), forward, old, past.

Compare H6926.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


קדמה קדם
n m
1. east, antiquity, front, that which is before, aforetime
a. front, from the front or east, in front, mount of the East
b. ancient time, aforetime, ancient, from of old, earliest time
c. anciently, of old (adverb)
d. beginning
e. east adv
2. eastward, to or toward the East
Origin: from H6923
TWOT: 1988a
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 87 occurrences of H6924 קדמה קדם

Genesis 2:8 eastward
Genesis 3:24 at the east
Genesis 10:30 of the east.
Genesis 11:2 from the east,
Genesis 12:8 on the east
Genesis 12:8 on the east:
Genesis 13:11 east:
Genesis 13:14 and eastward,
Genesis 25:6 eastward,
Genesis 25:6 to the east
Genesis 28:14 and to the east,
Genesis 29:1 of the east.
Exodus 27:13 on the east
Exodus 38:13 And for the east
Leviticus 1:16 on the east part,
Leviticus 16:14 eastward;
Numbers 2:3 And on the east side
Numbers 3:38 toward the east,
Numbers 10:5 on the east parts
Numbers 23:7 of the east,
Numbers 34:3 eastward:
Numbers 34:10 your east
Numbers 34:11 on the east side
Numbers 34:11 eastward:
Numbers 34:15 eastward,
Numbers 35:5 on the east
Deuteronomy 33:15 of the ancient
Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal
Joshua 7:2 on the east side
Joshua 15:5 And the east

Distinct usage

5 on the east
5 of the east
4 of the east.
4 of old.
4 of old,
3 eastward
3 on the east side
2 of the east,
2 eastward:
2 eastward,
2 of old
2 of old:
2 of old;
1 at the east
1 from the east,
1 on the east:
1 east:
1 and eastward,
1 And for the east
1 on the east part,
1 And on the east side
1 on the east parts
1 your east
1 of the ancient
1 And the east
1 of it on the east
1 of the east:
1 of the east country,
1 thee eastward,
1 eastward.
1 it, and of ancient
1 of the east end,
1 forward,
1 past,
1 which were of old;
1 and before,
1 before
1 or ever
1 with the manners from the east,
1 before,
1 of ancient
1 is of ancient
1 it; and of ancient
1 this from ancient time?
1 and from ancient times
1 as in the ancient
1 as of old.
1 toward the east;
1 toward the east.
1 which is on the east side
1 and from the east
1 have been from of old,
1 on the east,
1 also shall be as in former time,
1 toward the east,
1 The eternal
1 to the east
1 and to the east,
1 eastward;
1 Art thou not from everlasting,

Corresponding Greek Words

qedem G165 aion
qedem G395 anatole
qedem G744 archaios
qedem G746 arche
qedem G1715 em prosthen
qedem G2246 helios

Related words

H6924 קדמה קדם

H6925 קדם קדם qŏdâm qe dâm
קדם קדם
qŏdâm qe dâm
kod-awm', ked-awm'
(Chaldee); corresponding to H6924; before

KJV Usage: before, X from, X I (thought), X me, + of, X it pleased, presence.

H6926 קדמה qidmâh
Feminine of H6924; the forward part (or relatively) East (often adverbially on the East or in front)

KJV Usage: east (-ward).

H6934 קדמיאל qadmı̂y'êl
From H6924 and H410; presence of God; Kadmiel, the name of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Kadmiel.

H6923 קדם qâdam

A primitive root; to project (one self), that is, precede; hence to anticipate, hasten, meet (usually for help)

KJV Usage: come (go, [flee]) before, + disappoint, meet, prevent.

H6917 קדוּם qâdûm
Passive participle of H6923; a pristine hero

KJV Usage: ancient.

H6921 קדם קדים qâdı̂ym qâdim
קדם קדים
qâdı̂ym qâdim
kaw-deem', kaw-deem'
From H6923; the fore or front part; hence (by orientation) the East (often adverbially eastward, for brevity the East wind)

KJV Usage: east (-ward, wind).

H6927 קדמה qadmâh
From H6923; priority (in time); also used adverbially (before)

KJV Usage: afore, antiquity, former (old) estate.

H6929 קדמה qêde mâh
qêde mâh
From H6923; precedence; Kedemah, a son of Ishmael

KJV Usage: Kedemah.

H6930 קדמון qadmôn
From H6923; eastern

KJV Usage: east.

H6932 קדמות qe dêmôth
qe dêmôth
From H6923; beginnings; Kedemoth, a place in eastern Palestine

KJV Usage: Kedemoth.

H6933 קדמי qadmay
(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H6923; first

KJV Usage: first.

H7134 קרדּם qardôm
Perhaps from H6923 in the sense of striking upon; an axe

KJV Usage: ax.

H6926 קדמה qidmâh

Feminine of H6924; the forward part (or relatively) East (often adverbially on the East or in front)

KJV Usage: east (-ward).