G4337 προσέχω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to hold to, offer
I pay attention to, devote myself to
(a) I attend to, pay attention to, (b) I beware, am cautious, (c) I join, devote myself to.
(figuratively) to hold the mind (3563 implied) towards, i.e. pay attention to, be cautious about, apply oneself to, adhere to
Derivation: from G4314 and G2192;

KJV Usage: (give) attend(-ance, -ance at, -ance to, unto), beware, be given to, give (take) heed (to unto); have regard.

G4314 G2192
1) to bring to, bring near
1a) to bring a ship to land, and simply to touch at, put in
2) to turn the mind to, attend to be attentive
2a) to a person or a thing: of caring for, providing for
3) to attend to one's self, i.e. to give heed to one's self
3a) give attention to, take heed
4) to apply one's self to, attach one's self to, hold or cleave to a person or a thing
4a) to be given or addicted to
4b) to devote thought and effort to

From G4314 and G2192; (figuratively) to hold the mind (G3563 implied) towards, that is, pay attention to, be cautious about, apply oneself to, adhere to

KJV Usage: (give) attend (-ance, -ance at, -ance to, unto), beware, be given to, give (take) heed (to, unto) have regard.

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24 occurrences of G4337 προσέχω

Matthew 6:1 {\cf6 Take heed
Matthew 7:15 {\cf6 Beware
Matthew 10:17 beware
Matthew 16:6 beware
Matthew 16:11 that ye should beware
Matthew 16:12to take heed
Luke 12:1 {\cf6 Beware
Luke 17:3 {\cf6 Take heed
Luke 20:46 {\cf6 Beware
Luke 21:34 take heed
Acts 5:35 take heed
Acts 8:6 gave heed
Acts 8:10 gave heed,
Acts 8:11 they had regard,
Acts 16:14 that she attended
Acts 20:28 Take heed
1 Timothy 1:4 give heed
1 Timothy 3:8 given
1 Timothy 4:1 giving heed
1 Timothy 4:13 give attendance
Titus 1:14 giving heed
Hebrews 2:1 heed
Hebrews 7:13 gave attendance
2 Peter 1:19 that ye take heed,

Distinct usage

3 {\cf6 Beware
3 take heed
2 {\cf6 Take heed
2 beware
2 giving heed
1 that ye should beware
1to take heed
1 gave heed
1 gave heed,
1 they had regard,
1 that she attended
1 give heed
1 given
1 give attendance
1 heed
1 gave attendance
1 that ye take heed,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

pros echodoreo H238 azan hi.
pros echo H995 bin
pros echo H1692 davaq
pros echo H2095 zahar ni.
pros echo H2308 chadal
pros echo H2363 chush
pros echo H2388 chazaq
pros echo H2388 chazaq hi.
pros echo H3045 yada
pros echo H3313 yapha hi.
pros echo * H3364 qits hi.
pros echo H5144 nazar ni.
pros echo H5186 natah qal,hi
pros echo H5753 avah
pros echo H6437 panah
pros echo H7126 qarav
pros echo H7181 qashav hi.
pros echo H7760 sum
pros echo H7896 shit
pros echo H8104 shamar ni.,qal.
pros echo H8159 shaah