H5144 נזר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to hold aloof, that is, (intransitively) abstain (from food and drink, from impurity, and even from divine worship (that is, apostatize)); specifically to set apart (to sacred purposes), that is, devote

KJV Usage: consecrate, separate (-ing, self).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to dedicate, consecrate, separate
a. (Niphal) to dedicate oneself, devote oneself
b. (Hiphil) to keep sacredly separate
2. (Hiphil) to be a Nazarite, live as a Nazarite
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1340
Parts of Speech: Verb

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10 occurrences of H5144 נזר

Leviticus 15:31 Thus shall ye separate
Leviticus 22:2 that they separate
Numbers 6:2 to separate
Numbers 6:3 He shall separate
Numbers 6:5 in which he separateth
Numbers 6:6 that he separateth
Numbers 6:12 And he shall separate
Ezekiel 14:7 who separateth
Hosea 9:10 and separated
Zechariah 7:3 separating

Distinct usage

1 He shall separate
1 in which he separateth
1 that he separateth
1 and separated
1 separating
1 who separateth
1 Thus shall ye separate
1 that they separate
1 to separate
1 And he shall separate

Corresponding Greek Words

nazar hi G37 agiazo
nazar hi. G48 agnizo
nazar hi. G2126 eulabes
nazar hi. G2171 euche
nazar hi. G2172 euchomai
nazar ni. G526 ap allotrioo
nazar ni. G4337 pros echo

Related words


H4216 מזּרה mazzârâh
Apparently from H5144 in the sense of distinction; some noted constellation (only in the plural), perhaps collectively the zodiac

KJV Usage: Mazzoroth.

Compare H4208.

H4502 מנּזר minne zâr
minne zâr
From H5144; a prince

KJV Usage: crowned.

H5139 נזר נזיר nâzı̂yr nâzir
נזר נזיר
nâzı̂yr nâzir
naw-zeer', naw-zeer'
From H5144; separate, that is, consecrated (as prince, a Nazirite); hence (figuratively from the latter) an unpruned vine (like an unshorn Nazirite). (The translation, Nazarite, is by a false alliteration with Nazareth.)

KJV Usage: Nazarite [by a false alliteration with Nazareth], separate (-d), vine undressed.

H5145 נזר נזר nezer nêzer
נזר נזר
nezer nêzer
neh'-zer, nay'-zer
From H5144; properly something set apart, that is, (abstractly) dedication (of a priest or Nazirite); hence (concretely) unshorn locks; also (by implication) a chaplet (especially of royalty)

KJV Usage: consecration, crown, hair, separation.